Flying from KJFK to EGLL

If anyone wants to join me, I’m in the Training Server at KJFK right now. Requested to fly a 777 either in freight or airline livery.

I don’t care what you join in as (but 777 please!), but I would like to fly with people.

I am FedEx 987 Heavy

You should join a VA - virtual airline, since they often fly together

How do you do that?

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Look at this and you will for sure find an airline you would be interested in

Oh ok. But can you get anyone to fly with me now? I just left JFK.

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I can’t help you with that I’m afraid of

Oh ok. Hopefully people would.


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Also a lot of vas require you to be at least a grade 3 in infinite flight and fly on the expert service

Oh ok. I get it.

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