Flying from Every single Commerical Airport in Infinite flight

Nice I was asleep missed your progress sadly

Not years, centuries lol

This is cool, but crazy lol

Hahahahahah very true it’s crazy

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Yes, veryyyyyy crazy

@ me when you get to KJKA 🤠

Airport #8

40 Acre Airstrip (ID52)

Salmon, Idaho (ID52) - St Anthony, Idaho (KU12)
C172 (Private)

Airport #9

2c Ranch Airport (10TS)

Laneville,Texas (10TS) - Marion, Texas (XS05)
SR22 (Private)

One thing for sure is that your number of landings will be significant.

Airport #10

33 Strip (CA54)

Tracy, California(CA54) - Tracy, California (KTCY)

I would do every class Bravo and Charlie airport, not every single airport! That is just an insane idea.

We will see what happens. I cant do all airports as A: Some are not in Infinite flight and B: Some dont have a IATA code that i can find.

How many airports even are there? I mean the US alone probably has more than a thousand airports and you took one day for 10. At this rate, you will probably need something close to 4000 - 5000 days, or more than 10 years to do it, so you’ll finish when you’re 23 (and this is only the case if you somehow manage to find all airports because I have no idea what system you’re following)

I am amused to see a challenge taken to fly from every single airport in IF😅
I fear the challenge will be too much and too long to complete but I wish you bloody good luck if you are definitely doing this!!

nice keep up the good work

Airport #11

4M Ranch Airfield (48TE)

Langtry, Texas (48TE) - Dryden, Texas (6R6)

Right, As most of you said. I have changed it to flying from Every Commercial Airport.

Now, this seems more reasonable and possible! Good luck!


9 De Maio - Teixeira Airport and AA Bere Tallo airport will be done at a later date due to the aircraft that are used to fly there are not in the Game.

Airport #1 (New start)

Lima Jorge Chavez International (SPJC)

Lima, Lima Region, Peru (SPJC) - Guayaquil, Guayas Province, Ecuador (SEGU)