Flying from Every single Commerical Airport in Infinite flight

Nice I believe in you hahah

can i ask how do you know every airport do you have a list?

Is it really 40,000 airports in if? Can’t imagine more than 10 airports per day over a long period of time. And that might be stretching it, having to connect the dots and all. So that’s 4000 days or just over a decade, day after day grinding it out. Could be an awesome musician by that time.

I use Airports in the World @ OurAirports

Ok I’m giving up on my quest I’m gonna stick to flying normal

I doubt it. I know of a few who have flown to every country in IF and I’m not too far from it myself (I believe I only need to fly to a handful of countries which have airports) and that’s without actually setting it as a target/challenge for myself, so I’m certain others will have done the same…

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Airport #4

18 Meadows Aerodrome (18AA)

Haines , Alaska(18AA) - Haines, Alaska (PAHN)
TBM9 [Private]

Nice bro good photos I’ll be here the whole journey

Airport #5

2x4 Ranch Airport (NM47)

Artesia, New Mexico (NM47) - Artesia, New Mexico (KATS)
TBM9 [Private]

Nice was that with the TBM?

yes it was

Sounds like an ambitious goal! Wish you the best of luck!

Airport #6

28 de Noviembre Airport (SAWT)

Rio Turbio , Santa Cruz Province (SAWT) - Puerto Natales, Magallanes Region (SCNT)
TBM9 (Private)

I find this challenge quite amusing although it is impractical I think.
It shows how much you love Infinite Flight and hence you will experience some beautiful scenery.
I wish you good luck!

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Thank you mate!

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You’re welcome!

Airport #7

3 Rivers Recreational Area Airport (OG00)

Culver, Oregon (OG00) - Madras, Oregon (KS33)
C172 [Civil Air Patrol]


I think you can fly to one airport in every country and every city and it is more practical to do.

Airport 8
4 Winds Aerodrome (IN45)

Roachdale, Indiana (IN45) - Russellville, Indiana (II68)
C172 (Private)

When you fly over Colordo, please visit Rocky Mountain Municipality airport!! It is my favourite. (KBJC)