Flying from Every single Commerical Airport in Infinite flight

Every Infinite flight airport

Hello all, as in the title we will fly from every airport in infinite flight. From today we will fly from every airport in Infinite flight A-Z[Technically 1-Z]. Of course, i cant visit airport that i physically cant find but we will try.

This is to show the diversity of airports in infinite flight. This also classes airfields so even more fun.
God knows how many we will visit but i know we will vist them all.


I wonder how many years it would take to accomplish this.


Well, We will find out.


Airport #1

1904 Private Runway Airport

Hennessy, Oklahoma (4OK0) - Jonas Air Park (36OK)
C172 [Private]

Well done! 39999 to go. Getting close!


I highly doubt your going to do this. Don’t even try.


Imagine if he could pull it off though.

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That would be insane.


Even if you visited 1 airport per 1 minute it would take you 666 hours.

More realistically, 1 airport/10 minutes would take you 6666 hours of gameplay.

But considering you will take breaks etc, let’s consider 1 airport/1 hour. and if you never take a break that would take you 40000 hours, or 1,666 days, or 4.6 years of constant gameplay

Good luck my friend


Highly doubt, but they might as well try as I have tones of time on my hands


So you are the new @iidvdii?

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Ahhhhh! Interesting facts though.

Don’t worry, there’s a little over 8,000 manually edited airports in Infinite Flight, so you’re going to have fun with that… Fun fact - Around 500 of those have been edited by me.

You’re going to go through hell if you try this. Personally I have been attempting to fly to ever commercial airport in the world, and so far completed a very small segment of Asia and completed Europe… I started when the ATC schedule turned to regions at the time.


Why are people doing crazy challenges?

Good question. Mostly because of bordem im guessing

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Airport #2

100 Aker Wood Airport (TN41)

Spring City, Tennessee (TN41) - Rockwood, Tennessee (N/A)

Tag me when you are at KSAT.

Will do. Remind me every so often

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Have fun with this! Cant wait to see you get all of them. If you get all of them lmao.

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Airport #3

14 Bis Airport (SSOK)

Londrina, Parane (SSOK) - Londrina, Parane (SBLO)
C172 [Private]

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