Flying from a gloomy and rainy Portland to a Sunny Honolulu

After a long break from this catagory I have finally decided to post in a again!
This time with a flight from Portland Oregon to Honolulu Hawaii with an Alaska Airlines 737-800.
Server: Expert
Flight time: 5:09
Aircraft: 737-800

Getting ready to depart a very rainy Portland from gate C06.

Pushing back on the as the tug spins the plane around while I struggle to get a good picture from the food court without any people or mannequins in the way as I eat my Panda Express before I head back up to the roof.

Tried to copy the spotting angle you’d have of 10R on departure.

A passenger view of Portland from about 21,000ft with the Willamette River taking centre stage.

A nice look at the Oregon Coast as we say bye to the US mainland.

The Eskimo we all know well admiring the Island of Oahu as we descend into Honolulu and start our approach.

A view from just behind the wing as we line up for the runway.

A steep go around on runway 8L.

Taxing off of runway 8R as we retract the flaps, lower the spoilers, reset the trim and turn off the landing lights and strobes the flight attendents welcomes everyone to Honolulu!

Arrived safely at the gate as I turn off the seat belt sign and the passengers start to disembark the airplane.


Nice photos!

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Thank you! Welcome to the Community!

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