Flying from 12:00 AM

Since today was New Year, I’d decide I’d fly at New Year at my Timezone In the FNF in London on TS

Route: EGLL - WIII

Aircraft: B77W

Server: Training

Altitude: 33,000ft

Speed: Mach 0.86

Loading up at Busy London Heathrow in T4 with AAL 772 in the Backround

Departing Busy London in the Afternoon

Getting Ready for Bed

Sleeping Quietly in 1st Class😴

Seeing the Sunrise over Andaman Sea

Descending into Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta

Smooth Landing on RWY24 in CGK

Taxiing to Gate with another Garuda 77W departing in the backround

Unloading at T3 in Jakarta

Thanks for viewing these photos! What one was your favourite?


Nice shots ! I personally like the sunrise !

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Thank you!

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