Flying for Lunch

This Saturday, my brother and I decided to take a friend flying to get some lunch. After a long debate (that wasn’t long) we decided on a town called Sikeston, MO! We ate at a resturant called Lambert’s. This restaurant does something special and this is they throw hot rolls at you.

Now to the Flight part:
My brother and I planned the flight with a few stop on the way but went directly up there. We got to the airport at 8:45am and was off the ground by 9! We climbed to a cruise altitude of 5,500 feet were it was a nice 70 degrees outside. It was nice and smooth and recieve Flight following from MEM Center. Nothing much happened in the hour and fifteen minutes it took us to get there. We landed on runway 3 (NOTAM said 2) and taxied to parking. As we were on about a 3 mike final, a formation Flight of three diamond aircraft from MTU called us and asked if we could hold the shuttle… we did. After landing and parking, we waited for the MTU guys to land and loaded into the shuttle. The shuttle ride was less than 5 minutes and we arrived at Lambert’s with two open tables for us (had a two hour wait we bipassed) and as soon as we sat down, we had our order taken. Soon after that, our food came out and we enjoyed it. Fast forward an hour and we are getting ready to depart and notice a full flight line.

Return Flight
We loaded the plane back up and left KSIK around 2pm and headed to our fuel stop of KARG or Walnut Ridge Arkansas. We climbed to 4,500 and had welcomed tailwinds. Even though we had Tailwind, it was bumpy. We got Flight following again from MEM Center and 40 min later we were on the ground in Walnut Ridge. We stopped for about 20 minutes to get gas then it was on the way back home. After departing KARG, we once again climbed to 4,500 feet and got Flight following home. 68NM and 4 hours of flight time later, we landed safely back home! It was a fun trip and would do it again!
Below are some pictures:


Perks about being a pilot! “Hey wanna grab some lunch?”…”Sure, let me get the plane ready.” 😂.

On a serious note, that sounds fun! Can’t wait to start doing that as soon as I get my PPL!


It’s the best thing you can do with a pilots license


Well, and impressing the gals😉.


Flying for lunch is something unique and nothing that I have seen before until I met these 2 brothers. Hope you guys had a lot of fun and your stomachs are satisfied from the yumminess of the food! :D


Of course. Got to impress the gals


I hope one day to be as lucky as you and just one day casually fly to eat lunch. That’s the dream, flying? The best office view out there!

This reminds of me of that time when someone paramotored into a Micky D’s. Anyway, glad you both had a good flight.

Well at least he’s now missing all the traffic on the roads☺☺☺

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