Flying for dummies | An infographic

I had some spare time on my hands, so i decided to make an infographic! If you like it, i will see if I can make another one! Cheers!


Special emphasis on Hold Short


Left or right patterns can be confusing for some people as they have trouble getting themselves oriented with the runway. Thanks for the information.

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Could you please make it bigger? I can´t see the words.

When do you ask for radar vectors and when do you ask for approach at a specific runway?

Good one by the way

See Flight Following / Radar Vectors / ILS approach / Check In What are the differences?

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Another one…do I contact approach at my destination as soon as I take off and there is no departure/approach frequency at your starting airport?

No, you should contact approach when you’re about 40-50nm out. When tower tells you to change frequency, just switch to unicom :)

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So switch to approach at approx 40 miles and request approach at like 15-20 miles from from destination
(made that up…seems like a good rule to follow…correct?)…

You got it :) Keep in mind that the distances may change from airport to airport though!

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Good job! For me very celar!