Flying for 2 hours

Hello everyone!

Recently, when I fly for more than 2 hours, Infinite Fight would suddenly crash. Before the “2 hour mark” hits, everything is normal. No lag, my phone doesn’t heat up, and the Systems Status are always green. I always had my settings for Infinite Flight on low, but it’s still happening. Because of this, I can’t do Medium/Long haul flights anymore and can only do Short haul flights that are about 30-90 minutes.

Device info

Phone- IPhone 6
Free storage still available: 3.9 GB
iCloud storage still available: 3.6 GB
Current System: IOS 12.4.5
No device modifications or third party apps installed.

Infinite Flight Settings

Airplane Count: low
Rendering Quality: low
Rendering Resolution: low
Texture Quality: low
Anti-Aliasing: off

Maybe I need might have to upgrade my phone, but it has been bugging me for a few days now and I really liked doing Long haul flights.

Systems Status


I think you did everything you could and might need to do that.

We have a support FAQ you could check out. Many questions are answered here.

If it’s a special case, you might have to elaborate more.

Yeah, I guess that’s true.

I have a horrible battery iPhone 6s, it works for me. Try low power mode

This man has low settings on everything. Probably does low power mode too.

Now we don’t know if he clears RAM or restarts before each flight.

When using Infinite Flight, I keep my phone charged and also have low power mode on in IF.

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Before every flight, I do restart my phone and make sure there are no background apps.
I updated my device info on my original post. Hope that can help.

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Same I do that to

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I’m no too sure what you can do, I have a 6s that I use for some flights and just today I flew Doha to Philadelphia which took 13:41

But were you able to complete the flight?

Yes, all graphics and everything on low, 5GB of storage and I restarted before the flight

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Well, I guess it’s just my phone then.

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Sometimes crashed when nearly touched down, maybe 300ft with lagging screen. You should buy a new phone

Thanks for the help and suggestions everyone! My final resort will be to get a new device!