Flying fans to the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final in Porto (LPPR) - 29MAY2021

Good evening from the UK, IF community! This afternoon I decided to fly down to Porto (LPPR), taking fans to see tonights UEFA Champions League Final being played in Porto itself at 1900Z. I flew down here with @Dan_King1 .
I was in the Jet2 737 operating a Jet2 charter flight LS6109 (Channex 69CL) , and Dan King was Ryanair Flight 8347 (Ryanair 8347)
Depicted below are my edited screenshots from the flight, using Adobe Lightroom CC.
Let me know below which one is your favourite! ;)

  1. The first two screenshots were just leaving the UK near Dorset at FL360, recently handed off by London Centre.
    The 3rd, and 4th screenshots were as I was descending over the " Reserva de la Biosfera Transfronteriza Gerês-Xurés" just to the north of Porto and the Airport.
    The 5th was where I held short at Holding Point Hotel (according to Navigraph) for Dan King to land before crossing the runway to park.
    The 6th and last was us two together on the stands, unloading the fans to enjoy the game.

  2. Expert Server, 1323Z → 1514Z (Screenshots taken), Route: London Stansted (EGSS) → Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro (LPPR)


Hi! Nice photos! But I’m afraid you’ll have to remove some of them to prevent this topic from being closed, according to the #screenshots-and-videos rules, the maximum amount of photos allowed is 10.

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I appreciate you’re help! Thanks 😊

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Great Photos Michael!
Jet 2 VA COO

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