Flying F-16: Swiss Alps

Flying an f-16 over the Swiss Alps at 12,286 AAGL on the Expert Server on 06/20/2021. Departed LSGS, did a touch and go at LFLS, and returned to LSGS. I really wish I had a clear HUD.


Alps photos=Amazing photos
In my opinion anyway


I love the photos. However, these photos do violate some rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category.

As beautiful as they are, you do have player boxes and airports names within the photos. The best way to make sure there aren’t any is by using either the in-game screenshot (found in replays) or by unchecking the boxes of such things.

If you are going to uncheck what I mentioned, you can find the airport names in the settings of IF, I believe it is under general (if not then Live), and the player boxes are in Live.

So next time you make a #screenshots-and-videos topic remember the rules which I have linked down below.

Anyways, the photos are beautiful and the alps are so underrated! Have a great day!


These came out really nice

Thank you for the rules. :-)

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