Flying everyday impact on device

As long as you keep your RAM clear as possible along with your storage, this should work fine! An older device may struggle without taking certain measures, but not unless you are out of RAM space or storage, you will be good with a decent device.

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It is for a while, but it will eventually kill your battery performance. Mine has gone down about 9% since I’ve gotten my phone (an iPhone 11 this past summer). This is normal however.

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How can you check on how much it has gone down by?

If you have an Apple device, go to “Battery” in settings, and click “Battery Health.”

what is yuor device?)

My mi 9 lite can do 13 and longer hr flights)

but it have one prolem, it can crash simply… (try not to close IF and not open notifications)

Not really a #support issue, OP has no issues with the game internally.

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It may take a toll after a while, keep your graphics on low, aircraft count to none, and refresh your device before flights to ensure your device keeps running IF smoothly for a longer period of time. Make sure no background apps are running, IF hasn’t affected my device, it runs smoothly and my battery performance hasn’t gone down. In reality, IF should not be affected the performance of your device, as long as nothing else is running in the background it’s just an every day activity which requires more power. I advise you try to avoid overheating, that may affect your IF performance and future battery performance which leads to a downgrade in overall performance. More RAM the better, if your device has good RAM it should be fine. Feel free to check out the thread below to discover the best performance settings for your device:

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I’ve been using IF with my 11 for 4 months now, my battery capacity percentage has been the same. For me, using the right settings and letting no background apps run will keep your battery intact. As you said though, battery drop is normal and can happen. I wouldn’t worry too much for the long term, as the device gets older the performance will reduce, IF does not speed up that process.

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Yeah, I’m in no way worried. It says it’s at 91%, but I haven’t noticed any changes to the battery health itself. I only have another year until I trade it in anyways lol.

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I use my old 6s for long hauls while I’m at work. The battery runs out very quickly, and while flight planning the device tends to drop 10-15% in a short period of time. Not sure if this is because of old age, though.


It probably is due to old age. The iPhone 6 isn’t the newest device and the battery health is probably horrible if it hasn’t been changed, especially if you used to use it a lot.

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it doesnt have a big impact on higher and newer end devices but overtime battery life might drop also cpu and gpu power

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The 6/6S’s long-term battery performance is horrid, if the device was new it’d be a different story.

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what is your health % at the moment. Just curious.


I use my old s8 (not my main phone) and the battery on that is very good. I had facebook running in the background and it was able to keep up with the demand. the s8 came out in 2017 and its amazing how long it can last on a single charge dong flights. Now in fairness if i wanted to do a long haul which i do quite a lot it would need to be charged quite a bit. Only issue i have with phones esp those with OLED technology is the burn in, but usually i dont have the cam in the one position all the time.

cheers. My main phone XS is 99% I dont want to use IF on that because i have another year and a half left in my contract

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I’ve had my Huawei Mate 20 Pro for 2.5 years now and it’s only recently that it’s performance has started to decrease. Bearing in mind for the time I’ve had it I used it every day all the time for infinite flight doing ultra long hauls often and also using other graphic intense games for it and it had absolutely no issues in performance and battery. But if course this is only for this device and every device probably works slightly differently.

But taking it from a person who used to fly every day having a mixture between short and long hauls are completely fine for a device with 3GB+ RAM and a decent amount of storage.

I’ve been using my 2018 iPad air for about a year and a half now and the performance has stayed the same! And the device can do 14 hour plus flights with no problem!

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