Flying every Transavia (Netherlands) 737 Route (Currently discontinued due to upcoming important Exams)

With the exceptional good news of the Transavia 737-800 livery coming to IF in 22.1, this will be the perfect way to induct this awesome livery for me.

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In this tracking thread I will post the flights I’ve done regarding this challenge.
I will fly all the routes from a Dutch Transavia Hub: Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Eindhoven the routes to be flown are found on the official website as of now (11-02-2022) or (02-11-2022 (US)). The routes are flown one way from one of these hubs, presuming that the First Officer will fly the plane back home.

Flights: 18/120
Server: Expert
Departure airports: EHAM-EHRD-EHEH
Plane: 737-800 Transavia Livery (New)
View current flight/stats:

Callsign: Transavia 129JV



EHAM-LCLK (Larnaca, Cyprus)
EHAM-LCPH (Paphos, Cyprus)
EHAM-LFMN (Nice, France) DONE
EHAM-LFPO (Paris Orly, France) DONE
EHAM-LGAV (Athens, Greece)
EHAM-LGSA (Chania, Greece)
EHAM-LGKR (Corfu, Greece)
EHAM-LGIR (Heraklion, Greece) DONE
EHAM-LGKO (Kos, Greece)
EHAM-LGMK (Mykonos, Greece)
EHAM-LGKF (Kefalonia, Greece)
EHAM-LGPZ (Preveza, Greece)
EHAM-LGRP (Rhodes, Greece)
EHAM-LGSM (Samos, Greece)
EHAM-LGSR (Santorini, Greece)
EHAM-LGTS (Thessaloniki, Greece)
EHAM-LGZA (Zakynthos, Greece)
EHAM-BIKF (Reykjavik, Iceland)
EHAM-BIAR (Akureyri, Iceland) DONE
EHAM-LLBG (Tel Aviv, Israel)
EHAM-LIBD (Bari, Italy)
EHAM-LICC (Catania, Italy)
EHAM-LIRN (Naples, Italy)
EHAM-LIRP (Pisa, Italy)
EHAM-LIEO (Olbia, Italy)
EHAM-LIPX (Verona, Italy) DONE
EHAM-OJAI (Amman, Jordan)
EHAM-LDSP (Split, Croatia)
EHAM-EVRA (Riga, Latvia) DONE
EHAM-OLBA (Beirut, Lebanon)
EHAM-GMMN (Casablanca, Morocco)
EHAM-GMMZ (Marrakech, Morocco)
EHAM-LOWI (Innsbruck, Austria) DONE
EHAM-LOWS (Salzburg, Austria)
EHAM-LPPD (Ponta Delgada, Portugal)
EHAM-LPFR (Faro, Portugal)
EHAM-LPPT (Lisbon, Portugal)
EHAM-LPMA (Madeira, Portugal)
EHAM-LPPR (Porto, Portugal)
EHAM-LJLJ (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
EHAM-LEAL (Alicante, Spain)
EHAM-LEBL (Barcelona, Spain)
EHAM-GCFV (Fuerteventura, Spain)
EHAM-LEGE (Girona, Spain)
EHAM-GCLP (Gran Canaria, Spain)
EHAM-LEIB (Ibiza, Spain)
EHAM-GCRR (Lanzarote, Spain)
EHAM-LEMG (Malaga, Spain) DONE
EHAM-LEPA (Mallorca, Spain)
EHAM-LEMH (Menorca, Spain)
EHAM-LEZL (Sevilla, Spain)
EHAM-GCTS (Tenerife, Spain)
EHAM-LEVC (Valencia, Spain)
EHAM-GCLA (La Palma, Spain)
EHAM-OMDB (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

EHRD/Rotterdam-The Hague

EHRD-LFKB (Bastia, France)
EHRD-LFBE (Bergerac, France) DONE
EHRD-LFMT (Montpellier, France)
EHRD-LFTH (Toulon, France)
EHRD-LFLS (Grenoble, France)
EHRD-LGKR (Corfu, Greece)
EHRD-LGIR (Heraklion, Greece)
EHRD-LGKO (Kos, Greece)
EHRD-LIBR (Brindisi, Italy)
EHRD-LIME (Milan Bergamo, Italy)
EHRD-LICJ (Palermo, Italy)
EHRD-LIRZ (Perugia, Italy)
EHRD-LIRF (Rome, Italy)
EHRD-LDDU (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
EHRD-LDPL (Pula, Croatia)
EHRD-LDSP (Split, Croatia)
EHRD-LDZD (Zadar, Croatia) DONE
EHRD-GMTA (Al Hoceima, Morocco) DONE
EHRD-GMFF (Fez, Morocco)
EHRD-GMMW (Nador, Morocco)
EHRD-GMMT (Tanger, Morocco)
EHRD-LOWI (Innsbruck, Austria)
EHRD-LOWK (Klagenfurt, Austria)
EHRD-LOWS (Salzburg, Austria) DONE
EHRD-LPFR (Faro, Portugal)
EHRD-LPPT (Lisbon, Portugal)
EHRD-EGPH (Edinburgh, Scotland) DONE
EHRD-LEAL (Alicante, Spain)
EHRD-LEAM (Almeria, Spain)
EHRD-LEBL (Barcelona, Spain)
EHRD-LEGE (Girona, Spain)
EHRD-GCLP (Gran Canaria, Spain)
EHRD-LEIB (Ibiza, Spain)
EHRD-LEMG (Malaga, Spain)
EHRD-LEPA (Mallorca, Spain)
EHRD-GCTS (Tenerife, Spain)
EHRD-LEVC (Valencia, Spain)
EHRD-LTAU (Kayseri, Turkey)
EHRD-LSGG (Geneva, Switzerland)


EHEH-EKCH (Copenhagen, Denmark) DONE
EHEH-LFMN (Nice, France)
EHEH-LGAV (Athens, Greece)
EHEH-LGIR (Heraklion, Greece)
EHEH-LGKO (Kos, Greece)
EHEH-LGRP (Rhodes, Greece)
EHEH-LGZA (Zakynthos, Greece)
EHEH-LIPE (Bologna, Italy)
EHEH-LDRI (Rijeka, Croatia)
EHEH-GMMX (Marrakech, Morocco)
EHEH-LOWI (Innsbruck, Austria)
EHEH-LOWS (Salzburg, Austria) DONE
EHEH-EPKK (Krakow, Poland) DONE
EHEH-LPFR (Faro, Portugal)
EHEH-LPPT (Lisbon, Portugal)
EHEH-LEAL (Alicante, Spain)
EHEH-LEBL (Barcelona, Spain)
EHEH-GCLP (Gran Canaria, Spain)
EHEH-LEIB (Ibiza, Spain)
EHEH-GCRR (Lanzarote, Spain)
EHEH-LEMG (Malaga, Spain)
EHEH-LEPA (Mallorca, Spain) DONE
EHEH-LEZL (Sevilla, Spain)
EHEH-GCTS (Tenerife, Spain)
EHEH-LEVC (Valencia, Spain)
EHEH-LKPR (Prague, Czech Republic) DONE

Below I will post 1 screenshot of each seperate flight with some specifications, this is a huge challenge for me and I hope that it will be a succesfull and fun thread/time when 22.1 releases.


That is quite the challenge! I wish you the best of luck !

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Not every flights are there (misssing Senegal, Cape Verde and more) but you already wrote A LOT ! Good luck on this !

@AFKLM-xRqvens why not joining him from the hub you wanted ^^

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I think Cape Verde is only operated from Paris Orly.

Check here @DuncanNL

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This is a very nice challenge! Good luck!


Where did u get that pic from ? I’m so confused 😂

Thanks! I hope I’ll make it in a few months time :)

Thanks!, There may be some missing, I will figure that out tomorrow or so.
As far as I know Transavia France has some routes to Senegal but Transavia Netherlands hasn’t.
Cape Verde was a destination of Transavia Netherlands I believe, but that one isn’t findable now and makes me think it is discontinued.

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That is a nice challenge! You know Transavia also flies to Akureyri (AEY/BIAR)?

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You can find it on flightconnections on the links I shared there. I even saw that flight to CV on FR24 months ago ^^

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Added, thank you!

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Here are few interesting ones to fly after you finished your challenge if you want ^^

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Some interesting routes!
I’ll give them a try after/during the challenge, thanks :)

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Good luck, mate

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Flight #1

Amsterdam-Paris Orly
Flighttime: 1hour 04minutes

Remarks: very busy airspace with active ATC


Flight #2

Flighttime: 1hour and 14minutes

Remarks: none


good challenge! take a break if u dont feel like flying that much

i find it ironic that you specifically said netherlands even though the plane is french registered

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Thanks! Will do :)

Well I wasn’t expecting a french registration to be honest, (but hey, a Transavia livery is all I’ve ever asked for) so I started this thread without knowing if it was Transavia Netherlands or France. If I would have done both, the challenge would be even harder and longer lol. And as I am from the Netherlands, the choice between Transavia France and Transavia Netherlands is easy made :)