Flying every Transavia (Netherlands) 737 Route (Currently discontinued due to upcoming important Exams)

Check here @DuncanNL

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This is a very nice challenge! Good luck!


Where did u get that pic from ? I’m so confused 😂

Thanks! I hope I’ll make it in a few months time :)

Thanks!, There may be some missing, I will figure that out tomorrow or so.
As far as I know Transavia France has some routes to Senegal but Transavia Netherlands hasn’t.
Cape Verde was a destination of Transavia Netherlands I believe, but that one isn’t findable now and makes me think it is discontinued.

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That is a nice challenge! You know Transavia also flies to Akureyri (AEY/BIAR)?

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You can find it on flightconnections on the links I shared there. I even saw that flight to CV on FR24 months ago ^^

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Added, thank you!

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Here are few interesting ones to fly after you finished your challenge if you want ^^

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Some interesting routes!
I’ll give them a try after/during the challenge, thanks :)

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Good luck, mate

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Flight #1

Amsterdam-Paris Orly
Flighttime: 1hour 04minutes

Remarks: very busy airspace with active ATC


Flight #2

Flighttime: 1hour and 14minutes

Remarks: none


good challenge! take a break if u dont feel like flying that much

i find it ironic that you specifically said netherlands even though the plane is french registered

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Thanks! Will do :)

Well I wasn’t expecting a french registration to be honest, (but hey, a Transavia livery is all I’ve ever asked for) so I started this thread without knowing if it was Transavia Netherlands or France. If I would have done both, the challenge would be even harder and longer lol. And as I am from the Netherlands, the choice between Transavia France and Transavia Netherlands is easy made :)


The wing tip on the livery doesn’t have the the logo…

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Yup, you’re right. It’s unfortunately missing. I hope they’ll fix it soon…

Yeah I messaged them to see if they know first I sent the irl one hopefully it’ll have it added.

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Let’s hope for the best