Flying every Thomas Cook and Condor flight

Hello IFC,
Recently Thomas Cook collapsed and it looks like Condor maybe following soon so before the day of sadness i downloaded 2 PDF files with all the routes for winter and summer.

Clarify i will fly each rotation so ext. EGBB-LTFE-EGBB.

So i will constantly update this post with my flights.

Belfast (BFS)- Dalaman (DLM)
Aircraft= Thomas Cook A321.
Time= Monday 25th November 1600z
Sever= Expert

My Callsign will be TCX4EVR


You are going to need a lot of gas…


Ill keep an eye out.

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I want to make a “what do you want for a casket” joke so baaaad.

But seeing as these are not crossing the Atlantic in a C172, I am on board. Literally. Good luck muchacho. Hope you can afford the AvGas.


Condor looks like it’s fine for the time being though…

They apparently have to cover their debts or go bust on December 1st

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Condor is flying and will remain flying for the time being. They have been granted a loan by the Getman Government and are in consultations with investors for a new parent.

Don’t think this is true. Any sources?

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Only what i heard. Again im stressing the importance of APPARENTLY.

Honestly i dont want them to go but they have lost 3 aircraft due to them been leased off Thomas Cook

Yeah, but in the moment it is winter season so the aircrafts aren’t really needed right now.

Still 15% for the bookings for the winter schedule have been lost as those were Thomas Cook bookings and will not go ahead.

Nonetheless I am very optimistic and am absolutely hoping for the best for Condor!

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But Condor will have to remove the heart logo though.

Fosun brought Thomas Cook online business, trademarks and more. The heart is a trademark so expensive repaint

I don’t think so, but yeah, the heart logo is only remaining on the aircrafts so we‘ll see (what @Chatta290 wrote would be an option if the need would arise). Interesting times ahead, but I will definitely book a Condor flight if it is a possibility.

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They can just remove the logo from the tail and slap on the Condor one or leave it grey. Smart Lynx did it to their aircraft they operated for on behalf of TC


For this flight only EGAA-LTBS tonight i will do it on the training sever. Join if u want

I wish you good luck and will be checking everyone and then where you are (not in a creepy way) 😂

Nice project you’ve got there! Thomas Cook definitely deserves something like this! If I can I’ll join you on some flights 🙂

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