Flying every route Munich International Airport (EDDM) has to offer

I was inspired by this topic to make a similar topic. My home airport is Munich International (EDDM) and normally it would take way too long to fly all routes, as it’s the second busiest German airport after Frankfurt. But sadly, due to COVID-19, the amount of routes dropped significantly, as Lufthansa seems to concentrate on Frankfurt during the pandemic, and pulls more and more aircraft from Munich to Frankfurt :( On the other hand this means, that it is very possible to complete every route that is served at the moment. Also I only have to fly from or to the destination (ex.: I only have to fly to Frankfurt and not also back even though this route also exists).

But first some more information about Munich airport:

View on Terminal 2 (you will find Lufthansa and Partners there) and Satellite Terminal which is connected by a self-driving underground train with T2

General information about Munich (Franz-Josef Strauß) Airport:
So where do I begin? Ok, so Munich Airport is located (I think about 50 kilometers) north of Munich and consists out of three terminals: Terminal 1, where all airlines are parked that aren’t part of Lufthansa Group or in Star Alliance (exception is LH‘s low cost airline Eurowings). T1 is getting extended right now. On the other side of the tower (which looks beautiful),

you will find Terminal 2 and the Satellite Terminal where LH and Partners are parked. Also these terminals form the second biggest HUB of Lufthansa behind Frankfurt (EDDF). Because of that Lufthansa actually owns about 50% of Terminal 2 and the Satellite Terminal and operates a Lufthansa maintenance there too. In my opinion they are the biggest factor which makes Munich a 5-Star-Airport for many years already!

That’s actually the Satellite Terminal but it belongs to the second one

Also about 100 Airlines serve the Airport and connect it to over 200 destinations in 70 countries (7 A380s from LH are based in Munich and Emirates serves Munich three times a day, two of three times with A380s too) But besides being the second largest airport (and fastest growing) in Germany you’ll find much more at the airport! For example this open „hall“ in the middle of T1 and T2 which has a glass roof and is home of lots of events every year, like concerts and even a tennis tournament!


Or the „Besucherpark“ a sort of parc that was build for visitors of the airport. From there many sight seeing tours depart in coaches which show you around on the area of the airport (especially on the tarmac so you get the perfect view on all kinds of planes). But he parc also consists out of old planes by Lufthansa and other airlines which you can enter. Finally it offers playgrounds for kids, a souvenir shop, a cafe and last but not least you’ll find the visitors hill there from where you have a perfect view on the runway 8L/26R. Also they have a Hilton

(and of course cheaper hotels) a Medical Center, that is famous for its eye-surgery section, as well as a Audi test course on their area. Also there are a lot of offices actually, and a new office area is built right now for companies to settle in. So Munich is much more than just a 5-Star-Airport! It is also the biggest employer in whole Munich and one of the biggest in Bavaria too (a part of Germany in the South-West). Concluding you can say that Munich is an airport which offers great service and extraordinary many jobs!

Here are all flights I have already done. I will update this thread whenever I complete a flight:

Short hauls:

  • Munich (EDDM) to Frankfurt (EDDF) with Lufthansa (A320)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Brussels (EBBR) with Lufthansa (Regional) (CRJ 900)
  • Sylt (EXGW) to Munich (EDDM) with Lufthansa (Regional) (CRJ 900)
  • Vienna (LOWW) to Munich (EDDM) with Austrian (Airlines) (Q400)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Pristina (BKPR) with Eurowings (A319)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Split (LDSP) with Croatia Airlines (Q400)
  • Luxembourg (ELLX) to Munich (EDDM) with Luxair (Q400)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Geneva (LSGG) with Lufthansa Cityline (CRJ 900)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Amsterdam (EHAM) with KLM (B737)
  • Ljubljana (LJLJ) to Munich (EDDM) with Lufthansa (A319) [return from storage and repaint in former Adria Airways hangars)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Berlin Brandenburg (EDDB) with Lufthansa (A319)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Rome (LIRF) with Lufthansa Cityline (CRJ900)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Frankfurt (EDDF) with FedEx (B77F)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Madrid (LEMD) with Air Europa (E190)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Bucharest (LROP) with TAROM (A318)
  • Lippstadt/Osnabrück (EDDG) to Munich (EDDM) with Lufthansa Cityline (CRJ900)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Dusseldorf (EDDL) with Lufthansa (A319)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Toulouse (LFBO) with Lufthansa Cityline (CRJ900)

Medium Hauls:

  • Munich (EDDM) to Barcelona (LEBL) with Vueling (A320)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Tunis (DTTA) with Tunisair (A319)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Dublin (EIDW) with Aer Lingus (A320)
  • Munich (EDDM) to London Heathrow (EGLL) with British Airways (A320)
  • London Heathrow (EGLL) to Munich (EDDM) with Lufthansa (A321)
  • Riga (EVRA) to Munich (EDDM) with Air Baltic (B757)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Malaga (LEMG) with Lufthansa (A320)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Madrid (LEMD) with Iberia (A321)
  • Reykjavik/Keflavik (BIKF) to Munich (EDDM) with Icelandair (B757)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Copenhagen (EKCH) with SAS (A320)
  • Athens (LGAV) to Munich (EDDM) with an Aegean (A320)
  • Warsaw (EPWA) to Munich (EDDM) with LOT (E170)
  • London Gatwick (EGKK) to Munich (EDDM) with EasyJet A319 [EZYVA flight]
  • Istanbul (LTFM) to Munich (EDDM) with Turkish Airlines (A321)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Larnaca (LCLK) with Lufthansa (A320)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) with Lufthansa (A319)
  • Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE) to Munich (EDDM) with Aeroflot (A320)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Funchal/Madeira (LPMA) with Lufthansa (A320)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Cairo (HECA) with EgyptAir (B738)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Tiblisi (LGTB) with Lufthansa (A319)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Hurghada (HEGN) with TuiFly (B738)+
  • Munich (EDDM) to Porto (LPPR) with Lufthansa (A320)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Faro (LPFR) with Lufthansa (A320)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Gran Canaria (GCLP) with TuiFly (B738)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Lisbon (LPPT) with TAP (A320)
  • Thessaloniki (LGTS) to Munich (EDDM) with Aegean (A320)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Larnaca (LCLK) with Lufthansa (A320)

Long Hauls:

  • Munich (EDDM) to Cape Town (FACT) with Lufthansa (A359)
  • Los Angeles (KLAX) to Munich (EDDM) with Lufthansa (A359)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Charlotte (KCLT) with American Airlines (B772)
  • Chicago (KORD) to Munich (EDDM) with Lufthansa (A359)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Miami (KMIA) with Lufthansa (A346) [originally headed for Mexico City]
  • Abu Dhabi (OMAA) to Munich (EDDM) with Ethiad (B77W) [irl operated with a B789 at the moment]
  • Bogota (SKBO) to Munich (EDDM) with Avianca (B788)
  • Newark (KEWR) to Munich (EDDM) with Lufthansa (A359)
  • Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) to Munich (EDDM) with Lufthansa (A359)
  • Munich (EDDM) to Washington (KIAD) with United (B788)
  • Dubai (OMDB) to Munich (EDDM) with Emirates (B77W)

I forgot to mention that Munich is the best European Airport for some years in a row now!

True. I saw all Skytrax awards in the middle of Terminal 2 in a glass showcase when I flew to Athens. It’s a really clean and modern airport.

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Its very clean indeed. If you take Skytrax as a judge, they are actually the 10th cleanest airport in the world. Especially when you fly from Terminal 2, you can expect the highest of highest standards. Terminal 1 is good, too, and it will be better when the extension is finished!
I think you might like the route I am flying right now: Athens to Munich with an Aegean A320 :)

Of course! I flew it on the Aegean A20N last September, one of my best flights. Especially because the airport was almost empty and it was really relaxing. Also did you know that Aegean Airlines is rated more than 10 times for the best European airline by Skytrax?

Here’s a photo from my flight.


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I definitely didn’t know that… Wow! I actually never thought about what airline is the best in Europe because I have always seen it in the worldwide context, but I would have never thought Aegean would be! If everything goes well with the pandemic, I planned on visiting Greece next summer, and I will try to catch Aegean, especially their NEOs with the gorgeous livery!

I also just landed with -165fpm lol

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Since the introduction of this topic, I have been flying quite a lot. Due to the pandemic, I am close to out of long hauls, so I am now also flying long hauls that were serviced before the pandemic.

The new additions are:

Geneva with Lufthansa (CRJ900)
Miami with Lufthansa (A346) (I originally headed towards Mexico City, but due to the weird fuel burn of the A340 in IF I had to change my destination to Miami)
Luxembourg with Luxair (Q400)
Split with Croatia Airlines (Q400)
Chicago with Lufthansa (A359)
Istanbul with Turkish Airlines (A321)
Warsaw with LOT (E170)
London Gatwick with EasyJet (A319)

Thanks to all for showing interest in this topic!

Hello my friend have you done Munich to Sarajevo yet? I would love to join you flying to my home country!

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I havent done this flight yet (see my list) since this flight isnt operated at the moment as far as I know, but I would love to fly it with you anyways! When would be a fitting time for you? I can start it in about an hour if you can at that time @AviatorNikola

Oh yeah I have school now so sorry I can’t do it

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Are you available today, or only on other days?

Well I don’t actually want to do that route anymore because I am a very realistic simmer and only do routes that are operated now

Oh okay :( no problem!

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Yeah I’ll let you know if there is another flight I wanna do

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Here is another update!

Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE) with Aeroflot (A320)
Abu Dhabi (OMAA) with Ethiad (B77W) [irl with a B789, but due to the lack of it in IF and the fact that the route is normally operated by a B77W, I did so too]
Amsterdam Schipol (EHAM) with KLM (B737)
Rome (LIRF) with Lufthansa Cityline (CRJ900)
Berlin Brandenburg (EDDB) with Lufthansa (A319)
Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) with Lufthansa (A319)
Ljubljana (LJLJ) with Lufthansa (A319) [returning from storage and repaint in former Adria Airways hangar]

Thanks for visiting Munich Airport!

MUC is my home airport too. I haven‘t seen LH fly back to MIA yet

They dont do. I only flew this, because I am running out of long hauls due to the pandemic, and Dubai and Doha, both the only long hauls remaining, were too short, so I decided that I would also fly long hauls that arent operated at the moment

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Ah okay. Well I checked and LH will first be flying starting next Fall to MIA. I think in March or February they will fly to SFO again.

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Yeah thats unfortunate, especially because the route used to have A380s… I am hoping for new routes though, as one A359 came in from Frankfurt, and one was maintained today in the hangar. Hopefully they wont just be in MUC for maintenance…

Same here. Well from now on all Long hauls from LH from MUC will be operated by an A350 😂 Starting April the A350s won’t be flying from FRA anymore