Flying every route from/to CYQR (Regina)

Inspired by this post. The goal is to explore certain parts of the world and/or lesser known airports by doing flights from certain airports. I will be doing a rotation of each route (not each flight) from that airport. The list of routes will be from, searched with no date filter. I will try to use liveries that are in IF. When this is not possible, I will be using either a replacement aircraft, or the generic livery. I may be posting group flights for some of these routes.

About CYQR

The first airport in this series will be CYQR. CYQR is a small international airport serving the city of Regina, the provincial capital of Saskatchewan. It is the 15th busiest airport in Canada and the second busiest airport in Saskachewan.
The airport is primarily served by Air Canada (express) and Westjet, and offers a selection of short to medium haul flights.

List of routes

Destination ICAO Flight numbers A/C Type Distance (nm) Completed on (out/in)
Calgary CYYC Jazz 8439/8434 DH8D 358 Jul 19/20
Cancun MMUN Westjet 2412/2413 B737 1952
Edmonton CYEG Encore 3237/3238 DH8D 374
Las Vegas KLAS Westjet 1934/1331 B738 974
Orlando KMCO Westjet 1974/1223 B737/8 1694
Phoenix KPHX Westjet 1922/1327 B737 1070 Jun 20/Aug 6
Puerto Vallarta MMPR Westjet 2428/2431 B737 1783
Saskatoon CYXE Transwest 307/310 B190* 130
Toronto CYYZ Jazz 7950/7947 CRJ9 1098
Vancouver CYVR Jazz 8569/8568 CRJ9 722
Winnipeg CYWG Encore 3248/3273 DH8D 228
*: will use TBM9 or DH8D
Note: flight number and A/C type may change if the schedule info changes. List of routes will not change. If a route gets cancelled by the time I do it, I will use what is written down here.

Doing my first flight to YYC right now in a Jazz Q400

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I think you mean this one:

Good luck with your really cool sounding project!

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Really cool it’s always fun to discover new places!

Love that. Hope the best!

I feel like trying this, but with a different airport. Good luck!

Looks like fun! I’ll keep a track of this thread, I may be interested in getting some of WestJet Virtual to come along for this fun! Just PM me if you’d want to create a little group flight or something fun!

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I might make group flights on here actually. YQR is pretty WS heavy now because AC cancelled three routes recently lol (rip YQR to YOW)

Should be a fun thread to follow. Hope to see you finish it!

Love seeing other people do it! Enjoy and I will try to join if possible 🔥🔥💪💪😍

@Manav_Suri look at this 👀

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Have fun. It certainly is an awesome challenge to take up!

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Doing Phoenix in a bit if anyone wants to come. @Aviation-21 @Ecoops123

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Sadly I won’t be able to attend since I’m on a long haul. Fun flying!

Sorry was not available :(

No problem. My style of flight planning does not work particularly well with group flights anyways.

This is cool, I might join u for a few flights :) I’m thinking of doing this sorta idea as well 🤔

Would be a good idea to track this then.
Next flight will be Phoenix back to Regina, about 2:40 probably

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Last two weeks have been a mess. Did Phoenix to Regina today. Gonna do a shorter trip next, probably the hop to Winnipeg in the Q400.

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