Flying Every Commercial Route Out of Medford, Oregon (KMFR)

Hello inhabitants of IFC!
I’ve seen a few challenges of “flying to every country in the world” or “flying to every state in the US” floated around IFC before. Now as my summer break approaches, with not a whole lot going on, I’m going to start my own challenge-type thing: flying every scheduled commercial route to/from Medford. I’ll only be doing the ones that have aircraft in IF, because for example, Ameriflight, operates an aircraft that isn’t in IF (the EMB-120). But airlines like Aha I can find an analog for. Aha uses the ERJ-145, but I can find a similarly sized CRJ.

(Photo Credit: @AIDAN101. We used to get United/Skywest’s E Jets before… It’s been awhile now)

The Destinations I’ll Be Flying To:

9 of 12 Flights Completed

Seattle - Alaska Q400 / Delta E175

Portland - Alaska Q400 COMPLETED 6/8/22

Denver - United 737-800 (subject to change but right now it’s a 737-800) COMPLETED 7/3/22

San Francisco - United 737-800 or 737-900 OR CRJ-200 (subject to change aswell, but its the 737-800 and 900 right now) COMPLETED 6/6/22

Phoenix - American Eagle CRJ-700 COMPLETED 6/17/22

Salt Lake City - Delta E175

Burbank - Avelo 737-800 COMPLETED 6/7/22

Los Angeles - Alaska E175 / United CRJ-200 / Allegiant A320/A319 (day varying for all of them. Sometimes Alaska Horizon flies this and sometimes United Skywest does)

San Diego - Allegiant A320 COMPLETED 7/1/22

Las Vegas - Allegiant A320/A319 (day varying) COMPLETED 6/19/22

Santa Ana - Allegiant A320 COMPLETED 6/15/22

Reno - Aha ERJ-145 (will use CRJ7 instead) COMPLETED 6/21/22

Someone ~kindly~ let me know if I did something wrong with formatting or something

First flight to SFO will begin a little bit after posting this…


This is awesome! Have fun.

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MFR-SFO // United 737-900

Capitalizing on the active ATC in SFO


Medford to San Fransisco // B737-900

San Fransisco to Medford // B737-900

Very good concept but it would be even better to put pictures 🙂, good luck for this challenge

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I was thinking about making separate topics in #screenshots-and-videos about the flights (1 topic for both the flight out and back), and it was on the later side when I finished yesterday so I didn’t really do much else with this

Hello can i joine your route

You most certainly can

Today I’ll be flying down to Burbank and back at around 3PM PDT

(I couldn’t figure out the insert time function, will try to update this reply with it when I get it working)

@AIDAN101 Amazing. I have a challenge for you. can you please do every route out of Santa Barbara?

perhaps in the future

this is my first challenge-type thing, and I’m just seeing how it’ll go by trying it out of my home area where I know the routes best

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@Dellon_Bruce I’ll be departing for Burbank in 5-10 minutes, then I’ll be headed back up to Medford, if you’d like to join


MFR-BUR // Avelo 737-800

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MFR-BUR-MFR // Avelo 737-800

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Beautiful pictures

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MFR-PDX-MFR // Alaska Horizon Q400

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MFR-PDX-MFR // Alaska Horizon Q400

I’m going to be putting off the next flight for a week due to graduation and a upcoming trip

T-2 Hours 34 inutes Until I Resume The Challenge, With A Flight Down To Santa Ana

Starting Soon:

MFR-SNA-MFR // Allegiant A320

Excited for this one, since this is my inaugural flight of my new phone

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Wish I could come I have a graduation party tho

Idk which is more important lol

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