Flying Etiquette: learn it

Flying Etiquette

These are some I will quickly rattle off:

  • I think most of all what annoys me is when people recline on short haul economy flights. It’s deeply inconsiderate.
  • Do not ever lift your feet in the gap between the seats in front of you… Yes that is a thing… a dirty thing.
  • If you know you need the toilet regularly during a flight do not book the window seat, doing it once is tough for the whole row doing it over and over again annoys everyone.
  • Make sure you know security and customs rules at an airport. Flying isn’t a time to accessorise with all your metal jewellery. By spending all your time taking that crap off you slow down someone else’s journey.
  • Don’t hog the overhead bins. Each bin should be able to hold 3 bags as standard don’t put your bag in sideways.
  • Make sure you don’t drink too much. You will end up having to get up for the lavatories. In addition to smelling of alcohol which in turn leads me to the next point.
  • Have a shower. If you do that anyway make sure you put on deodorant or after shave or perfume.
  • The middle seat gets the armrests. As the aisle gets the aisle and the window seat gets the window and something to lean on.
    Anything I didnt point out?


Pax’s under 12 seated in the last rows of economy.
Smokers/Garlick Eaters. Use mouthwash prior to boarding.
Don’t talk to me, I’m not interested in what you do or where you going etc.
Pass Gass don’t just smile, say excuse me!
keep your shoes on!


hahaha so true max!

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About that I’m pretty sure your feet well up during the flight so it makes sense to take your shoes off if it’s more comfortable, you do that at home right?


well no i have to agree with max here. if your feet stink keep your shoes on!

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Obviously in those circumstances but my feet don’t stink so should I also have to keep my shoes on

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MaxSez… One man’s opinion Chatta.


you might not notice

well said. One other thing is don’t ring the FA bell every 5 minutes


who even does that… ever?

People with nothing better to do in economy on a long haul flight.

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I’ve only seen someone do that when someone won a Raffle on a Ryanair flight XD


Take a shower and don’t eat spicy or food with a distinct smell.

If you’re very obese to the point where you spill into your neighbor, please consider these 2 options

  1. don’t buy an economy seat. Buy two of them for the sake of your seatmate(s) and/or for those who may be transiting thru the aisle
  2. Premium economy (varies by airline) or business class are other options
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Haha good point I saw a huge guy say “oh i can fit into this southwest airlines seat” he did but he was spilling over onto the middle seat… thats not fair on the other passenger.

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