Flying_dutchman1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone, I am a controller whom which controls on TS as I am too young for IFATC. I try and control daily so check out where I’m at right here and join into the airport if you can.

I have been told my ATC skills are very good by @Doonies so I would love for you to pop down

Server: Training

Always open to improvement remarks


Server - Training server
Airport - LSZH
Frequencies - Ground and Tower
Start time - 1530z
End time - 1615z

Server - Training server
Airport - EHAM
Frequencies - Tower
Start time - 1620z
End time - 1710z

RW 27 , 24 36C, 36R for NOTAMS

information BRAVO - Landing RW’s 18L,C and 27
taking off RW’s 27, 24 ,22.

Hey Ben!
Some comments about your session.

  1. U never ever hand off pattern aircrafts to departure freq. Not a huge mistake but be aware.
  2. When u clear a person for an option u dont tell them to make left traffic once again if they are in already in the left traffic. But if u want to make the pattern direction changed, then u can send it. Also when u have instructed someone to change the rw tha time u give that instruction while clearing for the option.
    Keep these things in Mind 😊
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Cheers the departure frequency givin was a mishap there and I forgot my pen and paper so could not remember who I had cleared once but thank you for the advice bud much appreciated