Flying_dutchman1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hello everyone, I am a controller whom which controls on TS as I am too young for IFATC. I try and control daily so check out where I’m at right here and join into the airport if you can.

I have been told my ATC skills are very good by @Doonies so I would love for you to pop down

Server: Training

Always open to improvement remarks


Server - Training server
Airport - LSZH
Frequencies - Ground and Tower
Start time - 1530z
End time - 1615z

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Server - Training server
Airport - EHAM
Frequencies - Tower
Start time - 1620z
End time - 1710z

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RW 27 , 24 36C, 36R for NOTAMS

information BRAVO - Landing RW’s 18L,C and 27
taking off RW’s 27, 24 ,22.

Hey Ben!
Some comments about your session.

  1. U never ever hand off pattern aircrafts to departure freq. Not a huge mistake but be aware.
  2. When u clear a person for an option u dont tell them to make left traffic once again if they are in already in the left traffic. But if u want to make the pattern direction changed, then u can send it. Also when u have instructed someone to change the rw tha time u give that instruction while clearing for the option.
    Keep these things in Mind 😊
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Cheers the departure frequency givin was a mishap there and I forgot my pen and paper so could not remember who I had cleared once but thank you for the advice bud much appreciated

Open at EGKK

08R only active RW

Still active?

I might pop around

yup im active on TS patterns allowed @Claudio

Ok I’m coming

kewl ma dod

feedback at the end plz @Claudio

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I have to have dinner brb in 20

it was a poor performace from me im sorry im kicking my self rn lol

Ok I was obviously EYV777.

Ground service was excellent.

Things to improve on for tower:

You didn’t give Speedbird 1 a pattern entry. Instead, you should have reported to him:

“Speedbird 1, enter left base Runway 08R” and when you have cleared me for takeoff, you can now say:

“Speedbird 1, number 1, Runway 08R, cleared to land”

It wasn’t necessary to tell me to enter left downwind as in a pattern that’s what I’m supposed to do, but I think you would know that by now🙂.

It was also unnecessary for you to say “make ____ traffic after each touch-and-go, because usually for runways on the right you fly a pattern on the right.

it’s ok to say “roger” when I report my position. If you watch Tyler’s tutorials, he also reports “roger” to position reports.

The sequence after my first touch-and-go was correct. Good for you!

I think you’re doing excellent in tower and ground and I have lots of faith in you for the written and practical tests. See you around in expert soon!

Relax I suck at doing patterns and I have to sleep now😂

cheers mate. the make so and so traffic was me being a bit off. in regards to speedbird, I cleared him to land as I knew he had enough space so might need to elaborate on that but anyway, im back controlling

Sorry I’m out snoozing

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Time 1710z info Alpha

taking off RW 1R and 1L
landing 28L and 28R

wind - 300@12KTS

A very good day my cheeseburger!

Here you got my (late) feedback @KSFO!

  • no need to instruct me another “right traffic”. You had already done this in my take off clearance.

  • when someone wants to be instructed on another runway, you must give a pattern entry and sequence (when necessary) before a landing/option clearance. In this case, you should’ve put me on a right downwind rwy 28R and clear me for the option afterwards. The given landing clearance was correct.

  • Here in the third picture I was a bit confused. First I called the pattern entries because I didn’t receive a clearance. Then you suddenly cleared me for runway 28L while I was on a short final for 28R. Therefore I was going around but no “make left/right traffic” was told to me.

Refer to the ATC Manual for more information about ATC.

Good luck with practicing! Cya next time 👋