Flying during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hey everyone! so on saturday my friend and i wanted to get on one of the MD-90’s that Delta was retiring. Unfortunately things didn’t work out as we were going to meet in on Monday at KATL but we didn’t make our flights. So i decided to fly and meet him in LAX and spend the night and come home the next day. Since Delta as been capping their flights so a certain amount of people, i was a little nervous since i was a Non Rev passenger. In the end it worked out and i was cleared and got an exit so i had lots of space! There was about 60 people on the flight so i felt safe and had space. They gave us headphones and a bag with a bottle of water, cheez it and a biscoff which is always good. Masks were mandatory and they provided one to those who didn’t have one.

Going back was very painless as my morning flight back to KMSP was wide open with 160 open seats. our plane was a 757-300 and i even got upgraded to comfort plus at the gate! I had a awesome wing view right by the Rolls Royce engines and man those things ROARED at take off!! The whole flight was smooth and i had so many beautiful views through out the flight. We touched down about 10 minutes early on 12L. Unfortunately i missed my connection flight back to KABR so i spent the night in MSP which is a whole different story!

During the whole trip i felt every safe and i really wasn’t worried because i knew i was in good hands!
Thank you!


I bet those PW2000s sound amazing as always. Wish I got a ride on a 757 😬


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I’d love to one day. Nonetheless great shots @Dillion_Talks! ;)

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