Flying during night is impossible

I get I can turn the time today, but it is just unrealistic and annoying to constantly change the time of day. Infinite flight either needs new lighting or ground lights (city lights)


I agree. They also need brighter lights for the planes. You should create a Feature topic if you are TL2 and above


What is the problem with the ground lights?


@FlyingWithPilot1 flying at night in Infinite Flight can be a little on the boring side, but I assure you it won’t be like that forever. As the continual work of Project Metal moves forward, we will see more improvements down the line in the future. The Developers are doing a lot behind the scenes and there is a lot of great things on the way I’m sure of it. For now, we must have patience.


So idk if you noticed, night flights are better when the moons out. When there isnt any natural light, you rely on your instruments. Like it or not yaknow.


As I am now doing the new york-london flight at night time, there’s nothing to see outside the window and it’s boring
I guess that’s good for my battery…

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I dont think it’s impossible i do it every time with no issue the taxi light on the ground already helped alot

Welcome to Infinite Flight everyone! Let me show you around!

Seriously though… yes, it’s challenging but if the sim already had everything in it, we wouldn’t have anything to look forward to 😉. Let’s just trust that the staff know what they’re doing and will eventually get to it. There’s a lot in the works right now and even more coming up. The time will come for us to blind everyone with our strobe and landing lights in the terminal area.

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Wow am I not the only one who thinks that? Dude sometimes I fly into like EVV and it’s like pitch black. I’m like am I in a Black hole?