Flying during a Global Pandemic | WN380 DEN-DAL 6/17/20

Hello Everyone,

I am here today to give you guys a review of how my flight to Dallas went with a global pandemic going on. Let’s get right into it.

So we left are house at 4:30 and got to DEN at 5pm which was two hours before our flight. We parked our car in the garage and took the elevator up too the SWA check in counter. Since I was A-List we got a dedicated check in lane for Check in/ Bag drop. The process took about 5 minutes, it was quick and easy. I like this message that they had around all the check in counters. They had these messages all around DEN which was lovely.

After we dropped our bags off we went and meet up with some of the boys before we all went through security together. Security took a quick and easy 5 minutes with PreCheck. The boys took around 10 minutes without PreCheck. The lines at DEN were unbelievable short. I have never seen them this short in my life.

After we passed through security we took the train to C gates. Like security there was no one on the train. There were very few people on there.

After we got off the train we went to go find some places to eat. A LOT of restaurants closed at 5pm at the C gates so we were basically left with McDonald’s. So after waiting 5 minutes in line at McDonald’s I got a 10 piece Chicken McNugget Combo with a medium Coke.

After 30 minutes of hanging in the boarding area with the boys it was time to board. Southwest is boarding in groups of 10 now. My boarding position was A 24 for this flight. All the boys wanted to sit in the back so we could sit next to each other. So I choose 24A I think if I remembered correctly.

Boarding door was shut, pushed back and taxied out to runway 08 at DEN for takeoff.

After takeoff the flight was pretty uneventful. We did get a small snack mix and some canned water. We were cruising at FL390. During the flight I watched Remember The Titians on my IPad.

After the Sun set it was dark and couldn’t see much. I wasn’t paying attention during our descent so I didn’t get an pictures of our approach and final descent but as we approached Dallas it became a little bumpy. The captain lined us up for 13R at DAL and absolutely greased the landing. And @Altaria55 is somewhere on the garage “attempting” to spot my arrival

Overall this flight was good. The aircraft was clean. I always felt safe at all times during this flight. Mostly everyone was wearing masks and mask’s are required at DEN. The flight attendants were very good at limiting contact with others and looked like they enjoyed what they do. When we landed one of the FA told the cabin “ In these dark times we need to remain together, while we can’t be together physically we must stay together because there is hope and light at the end of this tunnel.”
Thank you guys for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed!

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Came down to Texas/Oklahoma for a baseball tournament this weekend. I played very well this weekend. My brother had a no hitter through the 6th inning but lost it in the last inning of the game but still earned a complete game shutout. Overall my team played well. Went 2-1 on the weekend. We should’ve played 1 more game on Sunday but it got cancelled cause it rained for 5 hours. I flew back today after spending the day down in the Fort Worth/ Dallas area.


I’ve never seen water in a can. Looks like it was a great flight.


It was a very good flight. Ive seen boxed water, normal packaged water, and now canned water


i oove the name to 😂

Deja Blue Water

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What about bread?

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Awesome trip report!

Thank you!


Who’s that legend with the glasses tho 😳


Not me 🗿🥴 iykyk


I didn’t flag it lmao. But thanks

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@den.aviation were middle seats blocked?


Yes they were. Middle seats were blocked unless you were traveling with friends or family which is what I was doing but we all kept the middle seat open. If that makes sense

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Really what?

Nice pictures @den.aviation!

Nice movie pick as well.

Could not agree more! The “chinese virus” is made up nonsense by the administration. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be flying during the outbreak of Coronavirus/COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 as I don’t like to engager the lives of others around me, which I think everyone would agree with.


Ah the rain, something that rarely happens here in Colorado as I’m sure you are aware of. (It might be different on the East plains though.)

Nice review! Always cool to see the window views, I haven’t flown in two years but I enjoy every moment I get when ever I’m up in the air. Snacks are always nice too!

I gotta be honest. I really didn’t want to fly. But I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t want to fly cause my entire team was flying and if one of us got the virus our season is done. But I do feel like we took all the right precautions because Covid-19 is no joke and it’s a serious threat to anyone.

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You should’ve seen the field I was playing at for our first game on Saturday. It was an absolute lake in the outfield. It wasn’t supposed to rain at all during this trip but it rained almost every day

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that sunset wing view tho

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