Flying Down The South Alaskan Coast (PANC-PAJN)

Hello IFC! Today I have some pictures from @anon38496261’s 2nd Anchorage Haulin’ Event, where I flew from AK’s biggest city down over to the State’s Capitol using the Alaska B737-900 in the old livery! This is my first ever #screenshots-and-videos post, and feedback is always welcome, so enjoy and thank you for stopping by!

Server: Training (short story, really)
Route: Anchorage (PANC) to the Capitol of Juneau, Alaska (PAJN)
Flight Time: 1 hour and 54 minutes at FL340

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport at Concourse C, Gate C4

Ro-ta-té off of Runway 33

Climbing out of a busy Anchorage

Reaching our cruising altitude of FL340 over Valdez, Alaska

Soaring over the Yakutat Mountains

Descending over Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

Banking over Haines, AK

Crossing the Favorite Channel (Yes that’s what it’s called)

Passing the Runway Threshold with Mendenhall Glacier Sitting in the Background 50, 40, 30, 20, 10…

Welcome to Juneau International Airport! (Terminal 1, Gate 04)


Amazing pictures!! I wish I got my sub earlier to go to that event. I like seeing people in ANC.

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Thank you! It really is a great place to fly!

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Really amazing pictures. This inspires me to fly there sometime!

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You should! It’s a great route and a short hop.

How long exactly does it take?

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I’m really sorry 😂

Perfect terminology; so far so good

Alright, alright. Still so far so good

Yep that’s what it is!

I don’t know man, this one might just win. We’ll have to see though.

Great pictures!


About 2 hours, but maybe less because I waited at Anchorage for about 15 minutes before pushing back. So maybe around 1:45-2:10, depending on winds and altitude, etc.

Wow! I got it right, lol. Thanks for the feedback! And it’s fine, we got ATC with TS, so it’s all good.

Yeah except for that one approach controller and that one other tower guy 👀

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I didn’t have to deal with them 😂

Oh okay. I was there 😂

@SB110 now knows what it’s like to give the cold shoulder to an awful TS controller. He totally blew his instructions off (under my direction) 😂


Lands on 25R

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hurts somebody


OOF yeah I’m out of likes again 😂

I see Alaska, I approve. Awesome photos!


Likes post

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Nice shots! Love all the mountains and glaciers.

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Thanks! It’s a really great place to fly!

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Think I like the fifth photo best. Good job! Nice to see someone flying around remote Alaska. I don’t know about y’all but the old Alaska livery is definitely the better one.