Flying Cursed Routes: post yours here!

Why? Because normal routes are boring. I’ll start!

It seems that American was tired of Loganair’s monopoly on its Westray-Papa Westray service, and they decided to create a little competition on the route. Obviously the 757 was the ideal aircraft to choose for this route.

Server: Solo
Flight time: 53 seconds

Pushing to the back of the runway to ensure full runway usage.

With very little fuel and a generous application of flaps, the 757 handled the extremely short runway quite nicely.

Just a few seconds later, we’re already lined up on short final for runway 07.

Touchdown! Not exactly butter but hey, what do you expect?

Stopped with a decent amount of runway space left.

Ready to load up for the next flight! There’s enough room on the plane for the island’s entire population and then some🙃

Let me know what you think of my series! I’d like to do some more of these if y’all like them.


This is my kind of thread

But would recommend putting this in Live not Screenshots and Videos


@Prestoni I was actually planning on this being a normal screenshot post but if y’all want to do a Live live category and add your own that’d be fun!


I would definitely participate! Put this in live and I’ll do this kind of stuff all the time!


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i’m the definition of cursed. I fly the MD-11 on everything, that includes YSSY-YMEL (delta livery ofc) on top of all the other ridicules crap i do.


Fly the DC10 in a nonstop circle around the south pole for 92 hours.


20 hours patrolling the South Pole in a white A350, I bet no one would spot me, all white🤓

Radar is about to ruin this man’s whole career

I actually use my phone on a regular basis

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