Flying Car Prototype Crashes @KYIP on 12/14/18

Flying cars! Are they safe?

Photo listed above is the aftermath of the crash

Detroit Flying Car’s WD-1 prototype crashed on December 14th when completing a series of tests

The tests included:

  • Slow speed taxi tests
  • High speed taxi tests
  • Rudder testing
  • Control panel testing

The crash happened after 2 prior successful taxi tests. They were doing a high speed taxi test and lifted the front 2 wheels on the first two tests. However, on the third go the plane lifted up off the ground & presumably stalled and crashed. The pilot suffered minor injuries and the plane is currently being repaired.

What do you think about flying cars? Will they be successful? What are your doubts? What are the pros of flying cars?



Would a flying car be even counted as an aircraft? 🤔

I mean this is in #real-world-aviation, but it’s not an aircraft.

As it is a flying car, it is technically an aircraft :)

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