Flying C-208 Over The Canadian Rockies


For those who like to fly over mountains, great flights are over the Himalayas, the Alps, and the mountain ranges along the British Columbia/Alberta border in Canada. I took a little flight in the C-208 between Jasper (CYJA) and Banff (CYBA) by way of waypoint (SAVIT) on the Training Server. Cruising altitude was 11500 ft and flight time was 59 min. Local time was around 1 PM. I include here a few pictures, but the scenery is spectacular all along the route. If you fly this route be aware that descents are steep and the runways are short!

Landing at Banff (CYBA)


Awesome! I recently went to Banff and these pictures literally depict it!

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Those are SICK.

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Those shots are beautiful the Canadian Rockies make some amazing shots!

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I love mountains! Nice photos.

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Beautiful pictures 😍😍! Canadian Rockies look fantastic!!

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So beautiful there are a few differences between the canadian and the american rockies.

Canadian Rockies Eastern Upper BC into western alberta
-Made of sedimentary rock such as limestone and shale
-More rough sharp peaks(points) due to glaciated seperated by wide U shaped valleys
-Cooler and wetter which allows them to have moister soil, bigger rivers and more glaciers
American Rockies extended from Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico
-Made of gneiss and granite
More rounded shape giving them V shaped rivers crossing
Tree line is lower in Canadian than in American Side


Thanks for that information @Aeroplane747. I always appreciate learning more about the regions I am flying over.