Flying buddy?

Hi everyone.

Unfortunately none of my friends are likeminded or enjoy flight simulation, but would love a regular person to share these flights with. I am in Central European Time, and usually perform night flights 8-10 hour flights Monday - Friday and free days (mostly weekends) I am pretty flexible. Enjoy short and long haul flights. Preferably in expert mode.

Main departure airports I use are Newark, Heathrow, Dubai, Tokyo Narita or Los Angeles. However occassionally love to explore more far reaching destinations like the Pacific island countries, Western Asia and Africa.

Thanks everyone and happy flying!


Hello there! I am more that happy to do some flights with you! PM me anytime!:)


I would suggest joining the IF discord server so you can create groups flights that everyone can join


Yea! I’ve joined it too!;)


Would you happen to have the link to the IF discord?

@Arian_N. It should be on the Infinite flight app:)

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Found it, thanks

No problem sir!:)

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