Flying broom for Halloween!

Welp, in a few weeks it’s Halloween and I thought that since most of us won’t be able to go trick-or-treating, why not celebrate a Halloween in IF?
Here is why I present, the flying broom!

So basically the “passenger” would be a witch and you just fly around on Halloween night! I’m not really sure how fast the broom could fly however you could have a hud view with your speed and altitude. Oh and did I mention this flying thing doesn’t have an engine? Instead, it’s powered by magic!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Sure would like to see that… But I ran out of votes…

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Would make some incredible moon shots


Wait didn’t someone already do the same thing like a month ago?

Yep and it got closed

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If we could not get this closed and actually get it that would be great

Are you kidding me



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The more we ask for it, the higher chance it’ll stay open!

Too spooky…

Mine was better…