Flying British Airways A321neo for the first time, what should I expect?

Hello IFC,
I am flying British Airways’ brand new Airbus A321neo on the 30th of July from London Heathrow to Krakow. (BA872)
I am flying in the seat 11A and it will be an evening flight. (16:45 - 20:15)
I will not be flying the new Recaro seats but the old seats, so It’s easier to receive feedback. (BA uses the old seats from rows 1-13, they use it as a flexible business class)
If you have flown BA’s Airbus A319/320/321 CEO (New seats) or A320/A321neo please leave your thoughts/feedback below and also if you know any tips or tricks please leave them down below.
Thank you :)


You should expect better features on the Airbus A321 NEO, than the classic A321. Take notice of better seating and faster arrival times. 👍


Hopefully faster arrival times, but unfortunately BAs new seats (Recaro) on their Airbus neo’s have apparently worse legroom than Ryanair.


Also question: what do you mean by quicker arrival times?

Newer aircraft models are always a tiny bit faster than the older models. 👍

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Quieter cabin, that’s at least for the 320ceo vs neo, would imagine it would be the same on the 321.

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It would be quieter since it’s an A321neo ;) Can’t wait to hear these CFM Leap’s whine out of LHR!

Expect the back of the plane to be crowded though as both toilets are in the galley. Apart from that it’s a really nice plane :)

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I think there is a toilet in the middle of the plane, I’m not sure though :)

Well, I am glad you asked! You can expect:

This wingview

This safety card

This engine

This overhead panel

This flight deck


Are there no „screens“ installed on the A321neo where they show this funny safety video and the flight map, like on the BA A319?

Nope. I believe those are aircraft from BMI.

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Thanks Misha, I was actually just about to ask you for some photos haha.

I’m going to sit in 11A, so I will have very similar view to you.

Also, what was your aircraft’s registration?

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Nope, only the older BA planes have those.

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But the weird thing is that there are some kind of cut outs for the screens.

G-NEOT. I was in 10F. It’s the perfect window view as it’s right there without any neck turning. I think 11 is pretty good too.

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All I can say its a new plane with different pilots except Butter.

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One of the newest ones! 11 should be quite good unless it has a mis-aligned window.

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@MishaCamp’s most recent Instagram post.


The engines are just amazing.