Flying Blind

I am currently heading to Guam from Hawaii, with three other aircraft on Expert server. We are all in the green, internet is good, and we cannot see each other. We are on Expert server, we had been able to see each other after departing Honolulu. Any recommendation or help?

This is who flying in formation.
GAF Joe Allen (Callsign: National Guard 114 Aircraft: F22)
IFAE GAF Mark Stursy (Callsign: FROSTY01 Aircraft: DC10F)
IFAE - GAF MrAviator (Callsign: Airforce 181 Heavy Aircraft:DC10F)
GAF- Mike (Callsign: M-4002 Aircraft: F22)

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Do you mean you can’t see each other’s airplane model? Or is it on the map?

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Right, we cannot see each other aircraft.

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In your settings, under live, what setting is “airplane count” at?

It’s at medium which so far hasn’t been an issue since we’ve seen each other the entire time until about 15 minutes ago

Maybe try bumping it up and seeing if it helps.

Also, how far away from each other are you? I can’t tell from your photo.

Yeah I just tried that didn’t work
with in .5 of a mile before we lost each other

That sounds pretty strange, I don’t have an explanation for you.

When in the flight specifically did it happen? Do you know the exact location?

Yeah this is a first for me, Probably happened about 4 hours 15 minutes from our airport. We’re on a direct path from KEAHI to BURLE right now

Maybe if you get really close (<.5nm) they will reappear. I don’t know, it’s all speculation tbh.

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You will probably have to redo your flight or restart your device. Sorry and good luck 👍

Yeah it’s odd I have never had this happened so ! Thanks for the help!

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Weird we see everyone again now.
Weird glitch!

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Were you using WiFi or celular data?

I’m on wifi. It’s extremely good

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This is odd this has happened to me in a blu games live stream a couple weeks back flying from japan to hawaii for a FNF we flew for about 2 and a half hour and the glitched occurred we all saw each other on live flight but not in the sim after about 30 min we saw each other again

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Well glad we aren’t the only one who saw it one of our guys still don’t see us. Hopefully real soon he can!

Made a topic about this some time ago… But as you said, it gets fixed after a certain amount of time. Weird thing is: It happened to us near Honolulu too.