Flying Backwards?

I don’t know if anyone else has tried this but I find it fun spin out on a b777-300er and reverse thrust so the plane is going backwards. With the spoilers up and trim up I managed to go around 450 kts backwards on the ground. If you want to see it I could show you on Live.


Check this out

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@JFKPlaneSpotter did that too with the B717.

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@Thomas_Thuta probably has done it already

I did it a little differently where I spun out using the rudder and my momentum made it so the plane could go backwards. That glitch looks crazy, didn’t know the citation was that fast

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It is possible to be done in any aircraft capable of reverse thrust and exceeding 39 knots ground speed

Yup You’re right

Do not treat this software problem like a circus game people know this is problem and it will be fixing one day I thinks

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Its just a game man, so what if i jump on a free flight server and mess around little bit. I wouldn’t do that on an advanced server or anything tho.

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