Flying back to Barbados! LGW >>> BGI

I’m genuinely so excited to fly back to the Caribbean! It’s my third time now, in January I was in Cuba.
In addition to actually going to Barbados the approach is nearly worth the journey in its own right. Not that its particularly difficult just stunning to look at.
Flight is: VS029 and return is VS030
Aircraft: A330-300
Date: August 30th 2016


That sounds like fun! The A330 must be a really nice plane to fly on!

Why a 787 if you fly on an A330?

Damn you XD was wondering if anyone would notice XD

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Yes it’s great!

just changed it hahahah

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You should come visit me in Antigua


I was going to go to St Lucia but Barbados seemed cool too. In january i was in Cuba and Mexico

I was in St Lucia this december, waaayyyy better than Antigua

these islands have the best beaches but St Lucia beats them all for natural beauty. ;) I will definitely post a video on my flying Youtube Channel.

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