Flying Away to Skagway!

Good day, IFC!
This summer I challenged myself to fly to places I would not usually fly into in Infinite Flight. recently I did some mountain touring in the Xcub as I made my way to Skagway, Alaska.

Skagway is a small town settled in the mountains of Alaska. The airport is nestled between two mountains, a narrow land passage, and a lake.

I highly recommend checking out Skagway. The area has beautiful scenery and the tight final turn to line up with the runway is super fun

I had lots of fun, hope you enjoy these photos!

Server: Expert
Time: Thursday June 30th 00:22z to Thursday June 30th 00:09z
Route: 18 Medows (18AA) β€”-> Haines (PAHN) β€”-> Skagway (PAGY)
Flight time: 32 minutes

  1. Blasting Out of 18 Medows

  2. Qiuck Touch and Go at Haines

3.Scenic Touring

  1. Heading to Skagway

  2. Airport in Sight!

  3. Continuing Inbound

  4. Made a descending 180 in a near by valley, to set up for a left turn for right traffic for runway 20!

  5. Right Downwind Runway 20

  6. Right Base runway 20!

  7. Touchdown!

If anyone knows of places with cool sceneries, airports with interesting approaches, departures, etc. Please do let me know, I’d be excited to continue to discover and explore unique and amazing places!

 Thanks so much for viewing, have a great day! :)

Nice shots!

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Thanks! =)

Awesome shots! I love to fly GA around Alaska, such a beautiful state ;)

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These shots are pure πŸ”₯. I gotta get doing some XCub flights around the world! πŸ”

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@barrel thanks!. Yea Alaska is a supper fun place to fly around especially with the high mountains and really blue waters!
@Captain_ATK thank you so much! Yeapp, the Xcub is a really fun aircraft to fly!

Nice photos! I should fly to X-Cub more often! :D

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Yeap, The landings feel super rewarding once mastered! Super fun plane to fly!

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