Flying At Space 18,000,000FT

Hello aviators yesterday I took off from lax, went to about 30K and straight for the ground, the fore after about a minute I was launched into space, I left my fuel low to test what happens if you run out of fuel and apparently nothing I just stayed in one spot over the U.S.A at 18MIL

It was on • Casual Server

Flight time was •7H11MN because I needed my device for something else.

Aircraft: • F-22

Route: • LAX-Space






Bruh. I’ve been trying to take a Cessna to the moon for ages.

Lol, I’ll actually try right now.

Let me know how that works out ;)

Will do buddy

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wait this glitch works online???

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Yes sir it does

Great pictures!

I think this is the best route description i have ever seen

So um yeah what happened to following the category guidelines?

Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden

So yeah no HUD or the little iPhone swipe up gesture thingy are allowed. So for future reference please read the rules below and take them in the replay mode to avoid this mistake again, have a great day mate.