Flying at Amsterdam, What behavior is better in this case?

Hi community

I was flying few minutes ago at Amsterdam, I was heading to EHAM, everything runned perfectly until I got in the ATC Tower, I was flying in a Boeing C17 Globemaster, (everybody know how heavy this aircraft is and difficult to fly) but I was perfected lined up to the runway ready to land, And suddenly as soon as I touched the ground and started to stop the plane, the atc tower Commands to me to “Go Around”, can you imagine guys trying to climb this big and heavy airplane when is already at the ground and trying to braking and suddenly receive this command? Which it should be the best behavior in this case? power up the plane and try to climb inmeaditally when was already in the runway? Or just stop? in my case I stopped because I had the brake on, the spoilers on and the reverse at 100%. After I stopped i received the atc intructions to check help pages, But that’s my justification why I didn’t, If I did it wrong I do apologize.

Opinions, Advices are very welcome,

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Did you call inbound and receive a landing clearance?

What was your altitude when ATC told you to go around?

Ask the controller who was in charge (with a PM).

I was less than 10 feets. When I received the Go Around command I touched the ground instantly and as you can see in the picture there is a clearance for landing.

I’ll have the controller contact you thanks.

Hi Alejandro,
there was another airplane stil on the rwy. That was the reason. And I sent you ‘check help pages’ because you didn’t go arround.

kind regards

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He was on the runway

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I’ve been in this situation before. Even with a landing clearance if another plane fails to exit the runway you have to make a go around.


Hi Flo.

I didn’t see any aircraft in the runway when you sent me the go around command sir. The problem was try to climb a C17 globe master when it was already in the ground. I received the command when I touched the runway, almost impossible to go around at that moment with that kind of aircraft. Hope this do not happen again.

You were the only ‘go around’ on my session and I saw him on my screen.

So, If I touched the ground and I received the go around command, I have to execute it? I was flying a C17 Globemaster, this doesn’t matter?

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