Flying at 700 million feet... Yes 700 million

Yep, this is a screenshot I took when I flew at 700 million feet. I left the glitched aircraft flying overnight and throughout the following day, and ended up at 700 million feet (704,258,304 ft. to be exact) before I started losing altitude.

I can’t show the HUD showing the altitude, but if anyone wants to see it I can post it later in the comments (I think I can do that)

Earth at this distance is a blue ball, and the moon is just a tiny dot… 🌗


Server: Solo
Aircraft: F-14
Route: KADW - Somewhere in space

And just curious, what’s the highest someone has flown in this flight simulator? The only one I could find is on a thread that is a bit outdated.


You should go to the moon

I mean if you time it correctly because if I am right the moon is not just a floating 1 sided object it is round mabey it doesn’t have a surface but it is there


Understandable have a great day


How do i perfrom that glitch?

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I was joking :)

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Excuse me WT*?

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No its possible, the moon in IF is in space in distance you can see space phenomenon in IF, its possible but hard

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