Flying around

Anybody wanna fly around with me I don’t care about the aircraft my callsign is Skywest 1337 pm me

Your previous topic was just closed. When your topic is closed, please don’t create a new identical one.


First off, welcome to the community.
Your last topic was just closed, for a reason. Duo flying

In the future, please refrain from posting topics like these. Once you become TL2, you are more than welcome to create an event for all to join. Keep being a productive member and you will be there in no time! Here are some threads to get you started:


But I want to fly with someone how can I do that if they keep closing them?

Maybe if you know anoyone dm them or join a VA, I don’t know anything other than that. Maybe join an event that is already being created

Thanks for the advice

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Will do thanks
-Skywest 1337