Flying around when there's a Fly-out

Hello IFC, in a couple of hours there’s going to be an amazing Australian fly-out! (the biggest is IF history I think). However, my question is what if we’re flying in and out of these airports but we aren’t taking part in these events. Can I still fy around? Because I wanted todo some city hopping but ALL the airports are being used for the fly-out, so can I still fly around or not?

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You can still fly around when flying in or out of these airports.

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Yeah that should be fine as long as there is no interruption

But aren’t people allocated gates and things like that? Like what if I land and park somewhere where someone’s meant to be spawning?

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Just don’t stay put in a gate too long. There’s no written rule saying that if you sign up for an event you are entitled to that gate. If you know someone will be spawning in soon for an event just quit the game before it causes any conflict.


@KIND9624 yeah I only spend like 3 -10 mins at most at a gate, quick turnaround;)

And thanks everyone for replying, this topic can be closed now.

Also, not all gates are used in flyouts, but I’m gonna try my flyout soon :). There is often more gates than people because of the demand, unless it’s a tiny airport like KBSA or something

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