Flying around (Week of 8/13 thru 8/18)

Happy Sunday everyone! Another 10 flights done this past week, mainly focusing on long hauls around the globe! Sadly per guidlines I can only showcase 10 photos so I’ll have to put the rest on here tomorrow! Without further ado, here are the first 10 done!

Starting from where I left off which was CYVR, I flew down to New Zealand with the Air New Zealand 777-300 All Blacks! (9.13.21)

Tuesday morning I flew out of Auckland for Honolulu with the Hawaiian Boeing 767-300ER! I haven't flown this one in awhile so I figured to fly it!

After landing at Honolulu, it was off to Seoul! Flew the Asiana 777-200ER there! I was greeted with ATC controlling the airfield that Wednesday morning!
My first time flying the Scoot 787-9! I have not flown this one ever since the pre-global days when it came out in 2016! I flew down to Singapore with it on Wednesday!

From Singapore, It was then off to Warsaw Wednesday evening! Flew the LOT 787-8 there and again was greeted with ATC controlling the newly 3D addition airfield!

Shortly after arriving Thursday morning, I headed back out on a short hop to Vienna with the LOT 737-800. First time flying this one too!
From Vienna it was off to Taipei with the China Airlines A350! Landed Friday morning. (China time)
Thursday evening thru Friday morning saw me head back to the US with the EVA 777-300ER! RCTP to KLAX was the route done!

Later that Friday afternoon, it was off to Frankfurt! Decided to change things up and flew the Lufthansa Cargo 777F instead of the 747-8i I had planned. Classic LAX departure shoot from "The Hill!".

Sadly, due to some app crashing I was never able to do my planned Frankfurt to Pointe-à-Pitre flight on Saturday with the Condor DC-10. I substituted that for a round trip from Charleroi to Pointe-à-Pitre with the Air Belgium A330-9NEO! This aircraft performs well!

All photos were taken on the Expert server with estimated exact times. Photos were edited with Adobe Lightroom! Thank you for taking a look!


Lightroom what a magic:) You made the 767 look as if it’s brand new 👀 some skillz!

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Oh my god These are beautiful photos!

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