Flying Around The World, To Every Country

Hey all,
very soon I’ll be starting a journey of which I’ve been interested in doing for a while now, and that is to fly to every country in the world. In saying that I won’t be ending the flight at each country but I will if I need to change aircraft or liveries. This is where you guys come in, down the bottom I have a list of countries, continents and regions of which I have airlines and liveries for. To add an airline or livery, simply state area and the airline/livery you want me to fly and consider it down. If there are multiple liveries for one area then either I’ll try to use both liveries or it will be first in best dressed. I’ll add the livery to the area once it has been confirmed. I’ve decided that I’ll be starting from Canada and working my way down to South America then across to Africa, then Europe, Asia, Australia (the country Australia/where I live, is its own country) and finally the region of Oceania.
Due to the number of posts, I will only post photos when requested by people so please comment if you want photos


Infinite Flight 1

Mexico/Central America:
LATAM A320-200
Avianca A318-100
Angola airlines Boeing 737-700
Ryan Air Boeing 737-800
FedEx MD-11F
Infinite Flight TBM-930
Cessna Citation
Eva Air Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

Cessna Citation
Eva Air Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
GOL Boeing 737-800

South Africa: South African A340-600
Egypt: Egyptair A330-300
Ethiopia: Ethiopian B787-8

Poland: LOL Polish Airlines ERJ-170
Slovenia: Adria CRJ-700
Croatia: Croatian Dash 8
Turkey: Turkey Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
Sweden: SAS A330-300
Denmark SAS A330-300
Norway: SAS 737-700 or 800
All Baltic countries: Air Baltic Dash 8 Q400
Germany: Lufthansa A380-800
Switzerland: Swiss
Portugal: Tap Portugal A320-200
France with @AdmiralsAlliance:


Japan: ANA B787-10
China: Air China B737-800
Thailand: Thai A380-800
India: Air India B777
Asiana A380-800 when in Korea
Hong Kong with KyleDepra:
Taiwan: EVA 787-10
Singapore: Singapore Airlines A380

Australia: Qantas

NZ: Air Newzealand Boeing 787-9


Due to the number of comments, I have received already I have decided to put where I have been/up to on here, my original comment as well as down below.

Leg one: 28/01/19, departed from CYUL (Canada) at 05:00Z headed directly to KDFW (USA), 3h20m in an Air Canada A330-300.

Leg two: 29/01/19, departed from KDFW (USA) at 07:04Z headed directly to MMMX but due to the fact that I wasn’t with my device for a while I ended up overshooting and landing at MMZH (Mexico), 02:47 in an American Airlines Boeing 737-800.

Leg three: 30/01/19 departed from MMMX (Mexico) at 06:00Z and landed at to MGGT (Guatemala), 1h24m in an Aeromexico Boeing 757-200.

Leg four: 30/01/19 departed from MGGT (Guatemala) at 09:41Z headed MZBZ (Belize) in an Aeromexico Boeing 777-200ER taking 33m.

Leg five: 31/01/19 Started at 0903Z from MZBZ (Belize) to MHTG (Honduras) in a LATAM A320-200 taking 52m.

Leg six: 28/01/19 departed from MHTG (Honduras) at 0647Z and flew to MSLP (El Salvador) in an Avianca A318-100 taking me 23m.

Leg seven: 03/02/19 departed from MSLP (El Salvador) at 0410Z and flew to MNMG (Nicaragua) in an Avianca A318-100 taking me 38m

Leg eight: 03/02/19 departed from MNMG (Nicaragua) at 0510Z and flew to MROC (Costa Rica) to in an Avianca A318-100 taking me 40m.

Leg nine: 03/02/19 departed from MROC (Costa Rica) at 0510Z and flew to MPTO (Panama) in an Angola airlines Boeing 737-700 taking me 46m.

Leg 10: 05/02/19 departed from SKBO (Colombia) at 0516Z to SVMI (Venezuela) and flew in a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 taking me 1h17m.

Leg 11: 06/02/19 departed from SVMI (Venezuela) at 2330Z to TJSJ (Puerto Rico) and flew in a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 taking me 1h24.

Leg 12: 06/02/19 departed from TJSJ (Puerto Rico) at 0205Z to MDPC (Punta Cana) and flew in a FedEx MD-11F taking me 1h22m.

Leg 12: 06/02/19 departed from and landed at MDPC (Dominican Republic) flying a FedEx MD-11F taking me 30m.

Leg 13: 06/02/19 departed from MDPC (Dominican Republic) and landed at MTPP (Haiti) in a FedEx MD-11F taking me 1h30m,

Leg 14: 09/02/19 departed from MTPP (Haiti) and flew to MKJP (Jamaica) in a FedEx MD-11F at 0152 taking me 1h.

Leg 15: 23/02/19 departed from MKJP (Jamaica) and flew to MWCR (Cayman Islands) in a FedEx MD-11F at 0310 taking me 33m.

Leg 16: 23/02/19 departed from MWCR (Cayman Islands) and flew to MUHA (Cuba) in a FedEx MD-11F at 0400 taking me 45m.

Leg 16: 23/02/19 departed from MUHA (Cuba) and flew to MYNN (Bahamas) in a FedEx MD-11F at 0922 taking me 50m.

Leg 17: 23/02/19 departed from MYNN (Bahamas) and flew to TKPK (St Kitts and Nevis) in a FedEx MD-11F at 0922 taking me 2h12m. Had a significant problem with the control column from the approach to landing: MD-11F Yoke Problem

Leg 18: 24/02/19 departed from TKPK (St Kitts and Nevis) and flew to TAPA (Antigua and Barbuda) in a FedEx MD-11F at 2130 taking me 15m.

Leg 19: 24/02/19 departed from TAPA (Antigua and Barbuda) and flew to TDPD (Dominica) in a TBM-930 at 2202 taking me 30m.

Leg 20: 24/02/19 departed from TDPD (Dominica) and flew to TLPL (St Lucia) in a TBM-930 at 2240 taking me, well I don’t know how long.

Leg 21: 24/02/19 departed from TLPL (St Lucia) and flew to TBPB (Barbados) in a Cessna Citation taking me 20m.

Leg 22: 24/02/19 departed from TBPB (Barbados) and flew to TVSC (Canouan in St. Vincent and the Grenadines) in a Cessna Citation taking me 26m.

Leg 24: 24/02/19 departed from TVSC (St. Vincent and the Grenadines) and flew to TTPP (Trinidad and Tobago) in a Cessna Citation taking me 24m.

Leg 25: 24/02/19 departed from TTPP (Trinidad and Tobago) and flew to SYCI (Guyana) in a Cessna Citation taking me 1h11m.

Leg 26: 24/02/19 departed from SYCI (Guyana)and flew to SMJP (Suriname) in a Cessna Citation taking me 40m.

Leg 26: 24/02/19 departed from SYCJb (Guyana) and flew to SEQM (Equador) in a Cessna Citation taking me 3h40m.

Leg 27: 24/02/19 departed from SEQM (Equador) and flew to SPJC (Peru) in a Cessna Citation taking me 1h45m.

Leg 28: 26/02/19 departed from SPJC (Peru) and flew to SLVR (Bolivia) in a Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner taking me 1h54m.

Leg 29: 27/02/19 departed from SLVR (Bolivia) and flew to SCFA (Chile) in a Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner taking me 1h16.

Leg 30: 27/02/19 departed from SCFA (Chile) and flew to SASJ (Argentina) in a Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner taking me 50m.

Leg 31: 27/02/19 departed from SASJ (Argentina) and flew to SGAS (Paraguay) in a Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner taking me 1h04m.

Leg 32: 27/02/19 departed from SGAS (Paraguay) and flew to SUMU (Uruguay) in an F-22 taking me 26m. I used the F-22 since it would be my second time going to the airport but the first time I stalled so I quite to not get aerobatics violations.

Leg 33: 20/03/19 departed from SGAS (Paraguay) and flew to SBBR (Brazil) in a GOL Boeing 737-800 taking me 1h 50m.

Countries visited landed at so far:
Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Cubo, the Bahamas, St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St Lucia, Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Paraguay.


Wow every country in the World! The most I’ve tried was every US state and that didn’t go well.
Good luck


Hi @anon70772274 I’m from Brazil when you get there, I’ll be there to accompany you if you want, just let me know and if I can afford it, we’ll fly together.
I recommend TAAG AIRLINE, you can fly from FNLU to FACT or FAOR in South Africa, usually when I fly, I use aircraft that are not very used in the game and if you can try to publish the photos

Hey @joslleymiguel_holand thanks for the offer, I’ll le toy uknow when I get down there. Thanks for the recommended airline and the airports. I’ll consider going to the airports when I get there although I’ll be trying to only go to one airport per country but I’ll see which one of those I can go to.
Thanks a lot again for the recommendations, JamesQFA380!

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Wow, every single country, You must video it and post it on here when your done, I would love to see the video! 😉

Hey @Luke_L,
Umm mate it would be literally impossible to record it as my phone or IF would crash. I’m planning on taking a photo of every airport I visit on my journey. By the way are you from Brisbane? Just wondering since I’m from Sydney.
Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll be uploading photos of the airports soon!

Ok! make sure to send me some photos of each country you go over, sorry as I’m unable to make the flight!
happy flying! 😉


@Luke_L will do, don’t worry I’m sure you will be able to join in at some stage (the journey will take a while). Hope to see you on IF soon!

haha good point hope to see you there too I’ll write down the details so i wont miss it!

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If anyone wants to fly with me/flight of then please do the following:
Tag me
Data (DD/MM)
time (ZULU/UTC)
Airline ID

Hope to fly with you soon!

Good plan my friend, i exactly now that it will be a hard time for you! Actually i have the same plan, but i am close to 40legs infront of you

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Are you flying to every single country?

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Even to countries that aren’t on the official list, so I also fly to places like isle of man, faroer etc, so really every country in the world

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Do you know how many countries there are?

Try Hong Kong in asia?

Dm me if ur going to Hong Kong and i’ll Be your special f22 escort :))

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Finished my first leg from CYUL (Canada) to KDFW (USA) taking me 3 hours and 20 minutes. Note that the middle photo is dark because I decided to set it to current time while I was flying


Will do @KyleDepra!

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Haha i really dont know

EVA 787-10 when in Taiwan, which is Asia.