Flying Around Rhode Island in a C-130J

A few pictures I found looking back through my phone. Thought some of you might like to check it out.

A loadmaster getting ready to offload a heavy equipment airdrop platform

Center seat about to fly over Newport, RI. The guard base we fly out of is just behind the left HUD.

Took a walk to the back and snapped a picture of the Hamptons at sunset…how romantic.

My favorite picture by far. Went into work on a Sunday morning was able to grab this shot.


Very nice pictures! The C-130 is a beast!

Are you a pilot?

Nope loadmaster, it’s an enlisted position. I joined the guard to pay for college and was lucky enough to still get a “flying” slot. The J model C-130 lost the flight engineer so the loadmaster was able to pick up some of the systems monitoring duties, meaning I get to sit up front and and hang out in the back.