Flying around May 16th thru May 17th “Middle East Desert frenzy”

Happy Monday/Tuesday everyone!

I wanted to focus this weekend on flying some of the Middle Eastern Desert Airlines which are unique. So, I spent all of Sunday flying around starting from Amman Jordan coming from ORD!

Photos taken on the expert server with edits made with Adobe Lightroom!

RJA 264 landing at AMM.

From Amman it was off to Baghdad. Flew the ever so lovely looking Iraqi A220!

From Baghdad it was then off to Cairo. Another flight with the A220. This time for Egypt air!

Next was to Beirut! Flew the Middle East Airlines A321!

From Beirut it was then off to Bahrain flying Gulf Air!

From Bahrain it was then off to Dubai! Emirates 777-300ER on short final. (someone being goofy)

Concluding my time in the Middle east, it was off back home to Chicago flying EK235

Decided to fly the Alaska 737-900 to Boise Idaho!

Finally, from Boise to Las Vegas flying the Allegiant A320!


Nice flying! The Alaskas my favourite 👀

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