Flying around europe | egph - egll - lfpg - eddm

HI EVERYONE! TODAY, MAY 19 2020, I WILL BE STREAMING ONCE AGAIN! MAKE SURE TO JOIN ME AT 06:30UTC! Hope to see you there and make sure to drop a follow for more content like this in the future. My twitch is down below. Also, I have a discord server so if you guys wanna join there feel free to! See ya soon!

Stream link:

Flight planned for the stream:

British Airways 1445
[EGPH]Edinburgh to [EGLL]London Terminal 5
Est flight time: 1hr 14mins
Cruising Altitude: 37,000ft

Air France 1381
[EGLL]London Gate A24 to [LFPG]Paris Terminal 2E
Est flight time: 1hr 16mins
Cruising Altitude: 25,000ft

Lufthansa Cityline 2229
[LFPG]Paris Gate F55 to [EDDM]Munich Terminal 2
Est flight time: 1hr 22mins
Cruising Altitude: 39,000ft


Still live, hop in and say HI!!!

Those are a bit too high for one hour flights…

I’d recommend anything between 28,000 to 32,000 on both of these.

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