Flying around Base Camp!

I’ve been recently caught up in the #bringbackga wave, and thought why not take the Cub to its limits with flying around Hillary Base Camp!

Special thanks to @Oskapew for opening up there!

Lukla Formation Fun saw you guys too ;)

Well let’s get on with the deets:







Now let’s get on with the photos (unedited for your info)

Steep departure out of Lukla!

Foggy morning from the cockpit

Flying around base camp

Finally spotting Mt. Everest!

Final trip around the mountain to gain altitude

Finally here! The view from the top of Mt. Everest!

Hard landing back at base camp!

Thanks for viewing!

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What is the airport code for base camp. I only know lukla?

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Lukla is know as VNLK, Hilary base camp is known as VNSB