Flying Around Australia in a SR22

Hello IFC, starting soon I will be flying around my home country of Australia! I really encourage people to join me, whether it is ATC or flying with me. This is a good opportunity to discover airports that are rarely flown to.

The Route is as follows (Subject to Change):
Day 1 Route: YBAF-YPMQ ✔

Day 2 Route: YPMQ-YWLM-YSBK ✔

Day 3 Route: YSBK-YSCB ✔

Day 4 Route: YSCB-YCOM-YMER ✔

Day 5 Route: YMER-YBNS ✔️

Day 6 Route: YBNS-YMMB ✔️



Day 9 Route: YPKG- YPJT

Day 10 Route: YPJT- YGEL

Day 11 Route: YGEL-YCAR

Day 12 Route: YCAR-YPBO-YPPD

Day 13 Route: YPPD- YBRM

Day 14 Route: YBRM- YPKU

Day 15 Route: YPKU-YPDN

Day 16 Route: YPDN-YPTN-YBAS

Day 17 Route: YBAS-YAYE

Day 18 Route: YAYE-YBDV

Day 19 Route: YBDV-YLRE

Day 20 Route: YLRE-YEML

Day 21 Route: YEML-YBRK

Day 22 Route: YBRK-YBUD

Day 23 Route: YBUD-YBSU

Day 24 Route: YBSU-YBAF

PM me for more info or if you want to fly a leg together!


Awesome have fun man good luck!

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You’re in a SR22, for now 😉


Bet it will be changed to another aircraft in a bit 👀


You need a discord so we can fly together.


I will be doing the first leg on Saturday 12:30pm AEST on the Training Server.

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Starts his flight then he sees the TBM was released 😂


Stops it, taxis back to gate, hops out, changes aircraft and goes on to continue flight😂

There’s an Australian youtuber that’s doing the same thing at the moment! (Worth a watch)

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That’s what gave me the idea 😉

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First day complete! (Did it yesterday just forgot to post)



Second day complete! It was very nice coastal VFR flying.

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3rd leg is tomorrow at 0000Z departing from Bankstown (YSBK) and we will be flying direct to my favourite class charlie; Cooma (YCOM). It will be on the training server as their might be some ATC.

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Nice mate! Cool to see you got YBSU up on your list. Besides me, visitors are rare there. Have fun! I plan to do this when the TBM comes out like other people, but good luck!

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Thanks! Have a good one.

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Flying out is delayed… sorry

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Departing in 5 mins out of YSBK heading to YCOM

Alpha Kilo Romeo is all safe and sound in Cooma. Now i’m questioning whether I should fly direct to Morabbin via Bairnsdale for fuel or fly to Merimbula then to Bairnsdale and stay there.

What do you think?

  • Fly direct to Morrabin via Bairnsdale for fuel
  • Fly to Bairnsdale via Merimbula for the scenery

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I just departed YCOM for YBNS via YMER for the scenery.

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I successfully made it to YBNS!

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