Flying approaches like real life airlines.

So just wondering if anyone replicates approaches of the airlines they fly in. For instance a Ryanair 738 low drag approach is pretty fun and becomes busy but pretty simple after a few attempts. Adds to the realism some of us scream for.

That’s all I do anymore takes some flight planning but much funner if you ask me. Departure and approach plates are a must

Low drag appr?

I just follow approach and departure plates for what it says.

Oh I see I’m with you. What I mean is some airlines ask for certain appr speeds through glide slope and points before stabilisation. eg Ryanair, after watching it today into Leeds Bradford it looked fun even though the aircraft was fair tramping in when it touched down.

Many people fly approaches like real life airliners. Just that many cheat and use Autoland instead.

I think you guys may not know what I mean haha.

With the auto land I sometimes use it in very very ow visibility and I disengage it when the runway is in sight and I carry on manually

We don’t have fuel gauge or polluting noise and you want people to perform low drag. Lol most of the people don’t know how to land or correct speed. Most of them approach at 200kts anyways. It’s not somthing hard to do or fun IMO.

Try it. At 3.5 miles out Pull the ac from 190 , flaps 5, to 160kts as well as dropping flaps, gear down, arm spoilers and stabilise for landing and see how well you touchdown. First time I ended up scraping the floor as didn’t hit flaps right. Touch at 150 is a lovely skill.

Just head down to KNUC you’ll see ppl approach at 200/210kts. they do 10/20kts more then you do b4 touch down. ;) . I wish I can make video for you :D. Anyways how much fuel you used? ;)

I don’t understand your point? What are you getting at? There are different ways operators use their aircraft, I would simply enjoy any other approaches that people know/use. I don’t know why you have an attitude towards my question? At least it’s a relevant post for flight skills for once.

You know Ryanair is cheap, I don’t see them here in gatwick. Low drag is good for saving money on fuel and noise. That’s reason for late flaps. Company don’t train pilots to land their style of landing but train them to land their way to save money. Every penny count for them.


I know why they do it. Flying in at >150 all configured by 10nm becomes boring…

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Yeh right, I got you ;)
(It doesn’t mean you have to land fast, late flaps, higher angle, save fuel, low drag low power approach. LDLPA)

Yep exactly. Although 30 flaps for landing brings you a higher touch speed.

777 always use flap 25 and even other heavies use 25 as much as possible for economy because of less drag, noise reduction. Flaps 30 for wet, slippery, short runways. I don’t think we have to worry about any of this now :D