Flying and landing outside of a region

Here i took off from an airport in oshkosh flew across the sea to an unknown airfield pretty funny actually flew 9minutes with dead engines from 22,000ft to the ground level took a tremendous amount of overspeed n timing but i landing in an unpaid region…47210012-6A6B-40FF-84D1-6AC7AA16990DE4F4B862-D690-4EE8-A705-FAA9194139C4

Yes, they ( the devs ) mentioned that if you fly fast enough in another region, you could go on the other region.


You most likely landing in Chicago, which is a free region.

Woah i didnt know that aha

Thanks i was gonna ask if anyone knew where abouts this was

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I dont think it was chicago coz the red circle is where i flew out of the region n landed? any ideas?C983BF80-CD78-4CDD-886B-C24CC5D03E3A

Which region did you start in?

Oshkosh i dont remember which airport tho