Flying and doing ATC at same time?

Hi everyone i have a quick question is it possible and also is it allowed to fly at the Expert server and meanwhile doing ATC on the Training server to get the time gone faster ?

I know its possible to fly on Expert Server and on Training at the same time with two different devices.

Unfortunately, no. This goes against Infinite Flights ToS.

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This would be against the Terms of Service of Infinite Flight.


Okay thanks @LordWizrak and @Lawin_S for the quick answer ๐Ÿ‘


This is not a ToS issue as the application will not physically let you do both on the same account. You cannot fly and control using the same account at the same time even on different devices.

However, if you have two separate accounts (different apple IDs, etc) you can fly and control on separate devices. Or even fly two different flights at once. In the eyes of the system, it is two distinct profiles.

While it is physically possible, it is frowned upon because you are not giving your full attention to one of them at a time. If you are controlling a busy airport it is not fair to the pilots under your control that you may be delaying responses because you are busy landing your plane on another device. Imagine if you were a pilot waiting to take off and were delayed because the controller was busy flying their plane.


Ah okay yeah thatโ€™s definitely something critical some here would do such things otheres would do it correctly and just do atc while on crouise but thats all okay. Just was wondering because i am flying on Expert and wanted to do some training in solo on an seperate device and spawnd on Training was confused so i had the question with atc in my mind.

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