Flying (and crashing) at Milford Sound!

A group of friends and I decided to attempt to fly into and out of Milford Sound, a tiny little airport in New Zealand’s Fiordland region of the South Island; which has some… issues.

Over 3 days we ended up testing around 46 different aircraft, of which only 36 were able to safely depart: the CC19, TBM-930, DHC-8, Citation X, 717, all 737’s, all A320’s, all ERJ’s, 757, 767, all 747’s, 788, 789, A33F, A346, A359, B77W, A10, F22/18/16/14, All DC-10’s, and all MD-11’s.

In order to land at this monstrosity of an airport you have to stall over “the edge”, dive straight down (for what we later found out was a 900ft drop), pull up just before crashing into the runway, and then proceed to hit the breaks like your life depends on it; which it does. The only aircraft we have been able to safely stop on the runway are the Citation X, the C130, and all ERJ’s.

(Note: This list is ever-growing, so more will be added over time)

Below are only some of the photos from our hectic journey:

(Our lovely little hole in the ground: NZMF - Milford Sound Airport)

(Our first successful departure was an obvious choice: the extremely overpowered B752)

(One of us diving onto the runway for our first successful landing in the Citation X)

(Our first wide-body aircraft departure: the equally overpowered B762)

(An A346 having no issue pulling off a vertical departure from the airport)

(An E195 slamming down on the runway in order to stop as quick as possible)

(The aircraft we all least expected to be able to depart: the B77W)

(Last but not least, our largest departure yet: the majestic B748)

Thanks to everyone who joined in on the fun! @Delta @Goldy @bbrockairbus @Captain_Ry @A320_Flyerboy19 @Mr_Young

Special thanks to @CaptainRyan for giving me tips for landing at the airport, and for helping me set up this post!


Wow! nice work! it must’ve been sooo hard!

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It was! what you didn’t see was the 20+ attempts taken before each of these photos 😅


lol(10 char.)

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Incredible takeoff with a big aircraft!


Nice 😂

I hope they never even fix this airport; we need something to have weird fun with


I don’t think we’re going to stop flying planes into here! We still have so many to land and take off!

It’s become our nightly routine on the weekends!


Yes, it has!

They probably will, but that sure would be a treat!

how did u get the B748 there to vertical take off?

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That is a question for @CaptainRyan! He is the one.

I will say with enough luck and over 10 tries, you can get any big plane, actually, make that 20-25 tries!

Wow, Nice.😁😁

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(with an exception for the C17 😂)


Back up as far as possible, full flaps, 1% of fuel, full throttle, tail strike during takeoff, and hope and prey you clear the edge :D

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Thanks! We’re having quite a bit of fun!

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irl our host at a b&b in queenstown advised against our having booked a helicopter ride into Milford Sound. I can see why with what you guys are doing!

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Add ✍️ Milford ✍️ Sound ✍️ to ✍️ bucket ✍️ list ✍️


Pretty much parking break with 1% fuel full power, and then Pray for dear life


Its really fun😂
Dear devs, dont fix it


Yessss, another one of those glitch airports to try. Also nice pictures